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While heating your pool, there are many things you can do to ensure that you remain energy efficient. Check to see if you are following any of our recommendations for energy efficiency and if not now is the time to start!

If you are not already using a pool cover, we highly recommend you begin using yours or purchase one. Swimming pool covers should be used to cover the pool while not in use. A pool cover will greatly minimize the evaporation and loss of heat therefore producing savings of up to 70%. To find out what pool cover may suit your pool and for more detailed information view our blog HERE on the benefits of swimming pool covers.

A more obvious solution to being energy efficient is to turn the heat pump off if the pool is not to be used for an extended period of a few months.

It is important to both check and maintain the pool’s water temperature regularly. If the pool’s temperature drops by a significant amount it will require a greater amount of energy to reheat the pool to the desired temperature, rather than keep it stable.

In summer or warmer temperatures your heat pump usage will be reduced because your pool water will be warmer and your heat pump will not need to run as long to reach your desired pool temperature. You may like to consider decreasing your desired water temperature in summer when the outside air is warmer and more comfortable to swim.

In high-wind areas your pool should be sheltered to prevent heat loss – this can be done through a variety of means such as landscaping, fencing or well-trimmed hedges.

By operating your heat pump during off-peak electricity rates (these are times when households are not using as much energy – generally at night or on the weekend), you can use your heat pump at a cheaper cost. Our EvoHeat CS units come with a Tarrif+ control system to identify these times and operate accordingly to save you money!

A final option would be considering using or installing Solar PV. Solar PV can help offset the costs of running your heat pump and may help reduce your pool heating running costs to almost nothing! Read our previous blog HERE for more information on the reduced costs of Solar PV and your heat pump. If you are considering solar pool heating we highly recommend that you read this article.

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