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Sizing the correct heat pump

What size heat pump do I require?

It is extremely important to size the correct heat pump for your customer.  An incorrectly sized heat pump will not perform to its capacity and will cause issues for the unit and the customer (pool not heating, enormous energy bills, damage to the heat pump etc.).

At EvoHeat we want to provide you with the most accurate, detailed reporting and advice possible. We developed our Pool Heat Evaluation form for this reason, which allows us to incredibly accurately size a heat pump for a pool and provide estimated running costs based on your specific circumstances.

One of our most asked questions sounds something like "My pool is __,___Litres, what size heat pump do I need?". This example shows just how important other factors are when determining the size of a heat pump for your pool, and this is only 3 factors of many more!

Online Pool Heating Evaluation Form

EvoHeat have a simple to use online Pool Heat Evaluation Form to help you accurately size the correct heat pump for your customer EVERY TIME.

>> Click here to access the Online Pool Heat Evaluation Form

Quick Reference Sizing Guide

If your customer is only acquiring information or doesn’t have time to complete the online pool heat evaluation form, EvoHeat have also developed quick reference sizing guide that will help you quickly identify the prospective EvoHeat heat pump.

IMPORTANT: The quick reference sizing guide has been developed as a guide to help provide information to your customer however each sale will need to be sized accurately using our online Pool Heat Evaluation Form.

>> Click here to access the quick reference sizing guide sheets.


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