We have launched a new website

We are excited to launch our fresh new website with an improved visitor experience and enhanced product information to help you learn more about our energy efficient heat pump solutions.

Our new website has a series of new and exciting features, including a fresh mobile responsive design, easy navigation, tech support information, videos and extensive product information.

We have incorporated our new EvoHeat Hot Water PTY LTD business with a dedicated hot water section and hot water product range.  We have also included our latest indoor pool dehumidification and ventilation products as well as our industry leading pool and spa heating and space heating ranges.

Each product has its own dedicated webpage that includes detailed product information, images, project installation gallery, specs and parameters, upgrade options, warranty details, savings to expect and product user manuals and videos.

The online pool heat evaluation form remains an integral part of our EvoHeat website and we have enhanced the form to make the online experience easier and faster to complete.  Using the best pool heating program available, we can provide you with the most accurate and detailed pool heating evaluation on temperature and energy usage for indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Another exciting aspect of our new website is the Tech Support feature.  Customer service is an important part of our business and having a dedicated tech support function was an ideal solution to ensuring we provide a level of support information twenty-four-seven.  The tech support pages allow you to access a wide range of information and videos from installation advice, to controller settings, to trouble shooting and error codes.  We have also provide useful energy saving information and regular maintenance tips to ensure the longevity of your heat pump.

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With over 50% of our website visitors accessing the site via a mobile device, we wanted to ensure we offered an optimised website for all devices, from smart phones to tablets to desktop computers.  Our mobile enhanced experience allows you to access the EvoHeat website from any device with minimum resizing, panning and scrolling, ensuring a positive online experience every time.

Our new website is just the first stage of our digital strategy, with an online trade portal currently being developed.  The trade portal will be a closed portal for trade customers that contains comprehensive product details, heat evaluation information and pool heating knowledge.

We hope you enjoy the new site!  Stayed tuned for more exiting updates…