Warranty service terms and conditions confirmation

Warranty service terms and conditions confirmation

  • Prior to organising a technician for a warranty service call, please confirm the following:
  • Please read and confirm you are aware of the following terms and conditions:

    In any event where it is there is no fault found with the EvoHeat product, or it is deemed that the fault is caused in any way by:

    1. Improper use;

    2. Improper installation that does not comply with Evo Heat’s guidelines and recommendations (as outlined in the user manual), or;

    3. Lack of appropriate care and maintenance;

    All service costs relating (but not limited) to;

    a. Failures relating incorrect programming or settings within the unit;

    b. Failure to power spike or interruptions to power supply;

    c. Failures due to improper installation, or;

    d. Failures due to improper use with any other external equipment not covered under an EvoHeat warranty,

    Shall be at the sole expense of the owner.

  • I am aware that for this device there is a 1-year labour and 2-year general parts warranty, for more information please refer to your manual or click here