Two cool guerilla pool designs that challenge conventions

Here are two completely different ways to approach pool building that started from some clever thinking out of the box and evolved into some of the most innovative pools in the world. How about a pool that can change from a dancefloor into a wading pool and then into a diving pool? Or perhaps a rubbish skip located in a shopping centre carpar that can be transformed into a swimming pool and local hang out? All sound too far-fetched? Well read on to find out how two guerilla pool designers are changing the rules of the pool building game.




This incredibly smart and space-saving pool can disappear when it's not in use. The water is insulated and heat retained underneath of the floor. This means huge energy savings on heating. Although the expense for installing the sophisticated Hydrofloor design means that it's not feasible for many pool lovers.


Although if money is no object and you need to impress the guests in your hotel or resort – this may be the right pool for you. Hydrofloor has gained popularity in many high-end properties. During the Hydrofloor's downtime, it can become a dry and usable flat floor devoid of water, making it a clever extra living space, for homes where space is at a premium.


The Hydrofloor has a customised ceramic floor that is built on a solid metal grid. This grid lowers and rises using remote control, the water seeping in from the sides. A shallow pool can be created which is perfect for young children. Alternately a deep pool is also possible for diving or doing laps. When used as a floor space, Hydrofloor is great for an indoor dance floor or hosting a wedding reception or any other gathering.


This type of two-in-one pool setting is ideal for club houses, leisure centres, resorts or any commercial setting that needs to optimise all available space for use by large groups of people.


Take a look at the video below of the Hydrofloor in action.


The Up-Cycled Dumpster Pool in NYC


The trend for re-purposing old materials has peaked in New York City. An innovative and creative bunch of people at the company Macro-Sea have created an experimental pool inside of an old rubbish skip.Real Estate Developer and President of Macro-Sea, David Belt's goal was to make the pool a place where the local community could gather, made from underused space and materials.


Creatives behind the project Jocko Weyland, David Belt, and Alix Feinkind had seen something similar being done in Athens, Georgia by another company and wanted to recreate it for a NYC audience.


Amazingly, it only took 12 days to gather all of the materials sort out the location and then open to the general public. The inaugural grand opening took place on the 4th of July 2009.


This type of pool design has a clever DIY, grass-roots ethic behind it. DIY enthusiasts out there can recreate something similar in their own backyards. All it takes is purchasing an old skip (or dumpster as the Americans would call it), and cleaning it. Then seal up the seams and add a liner. Fill the bottom with soft sand, add a tarp and a lot of water. Although there are still some details that require finesse to get right, such as the sanding down course edges inside of the containers. Then you can own a very unconventional pool that will be the talk of your local community.


Macro-Sea has grand visions for the project and hopes to change the way that Americans see swimming pools and community spaces. They hope that the dumpster pool in NYC will show people that ''with not too much expense you can creatively reuse what is basically considered urban detritus and make something really cool, fun and also fairly easy to put together.''


Compared to the Hydrofloor, this lo-fi and DIY pool that is ridiculously cost-effective. A stand-alone skip can be found for around $1,000, the main cost is the water and the wooden deck to surround the pool.


Since its inception, the dumpster pool located on the banks of Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn has become a thriving, lo-fi country club of sorts, for trendy Brooklyn musicians, artists and creatives. On any given Saturday night during the summer months, you can see crowds of people, lounge chairs, grills and cabanas everywhere.


Shipping containers and rubbish skips are being repurposed into a whole range of new and trendy lifestyle items like homes, vans, office blocks and now even swimming pools. We think you'll agree that this is a far better solution. Compared to letting them rust away in lonely shipping yards!


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