Turtles at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital on the Way to Recovery

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, opened in March 2004 is a facility dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of Australian wildlife. ¬¬The hospital operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to be readily available to any sick or injured animals in need of care. From small animals to large, the wildlife hospital travels far and wide to rescue a multitude of animals. This free community service ensures that no animal is left suffering and allows them to get the best possible veterinary treatment. Receiving an average of 500 calls per month, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital requires the best quality equipment to ensure that the animals are receiving the best of care.

The hospital cares for a large range of wildlife, from sea life to land dwellers. Many turtles come into the hospital needing rehabilitation. The hospital desperately needed a heat pump for their turtle pool, as the cold winter was making the water far too cold for the turtles to be comfortable. After contacting EvoHeat, it was decided that a Force 26 3 Phase heater would be the best solution to warm the turtle pool and rehabilitate the animals. The Force 26 is a high-performance heat pump with the lowest running costs, and is designed to perform all year round!

The turtles at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital are bound to be happy with their new warm pools which are used for therapy and dive testing to ensure the turtles are well enough to go back into the wild before release.