Top Six Most Impressive Water Parks in the World


Summer is just around the corner in Australia. If you're looking for some inspiration for the summer season – here's some of the most spectacular and hair-raising water parks in the world. Not just designed for the kids, some of these feature some of the most terrifying water-slides known to man! Certainly not for the faint-hearted. And for the more mild-mannered among us, there's still plenty of opportunities for lounging in tranquil pools with a Pina Colada in hand. Your summer inspiration starts here!


1. Aquatica (Orlando, Florida)


It's worth going here to check out the mammoth 1,360 tonnes of powder soft sand, and Pacific rim inspired tropical gardens. There's plenty of ways for mum and dad to chill out, while the kids go wild. Aquatica features two behemoth wave pools that sit side by side, offering great swell for people who want to try surfing, without the risks associated with the open ocean. A ride called the Omaka Rocka, sends people rocketing down an intrepid set of flumes and funnels atop donut shaped inflatables.



The Omaka Rocka water slide


2. Caribbean Bay (Gyeonggi-do, South Korea)


This South Korean water park combines the pleasures of traditional attractions like thermal springs with an enormous wave pool and water slides. One uniquely South Korean innovation that they have in this park, is sleeping rooms. This is where tired kids and frazzled parents can retreat onto beds carved from cooling and calming jade. These have purified air pumped into the rooms. Sounds positively serene.





3. Aquaventure Waterpark (Dubai, UAE)


In the UAE, they pride themselves on having the biggest and most intimidating of everything, such as skyscrapers and shopping centres. This now extends to water slides as of 2013. Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai is home to the Middle East's longest river ride – an astonishing 2.3 km in length. There's also the Middle East's longest zip line ride. You can hand feed the sting rays in Shark Lagoon, and then take a mid afternoon nap on a 700m wide private beach. Thrill seekers have plenty of water slides to choose from.


4. Tropical Islands (Krausnick, Germany)


This is an indoor pool complex that beats any other. Tropical Islands is housed within the biggest free standing hall in the world. It's home to a dizzyingly high balloon ride, hotel, night club, labyrinthine pools, tropical huts and a lush indoor forest of around 50,000 tropical plants. For adults, there's plenty of sauna and therapeutic treatments available and all inclusive packages too. It's possible to have a beach holiday all year round in Germany!



Tropical Islands in Germany


5. WaterWorld Waterpark (Ayia Napa, Cyprus)


A popular party spot for young people, Ayia Napa isn't just about foam parties in clubs. WaterWorld Water Park tips it hat towards the Greek heritage of the island. With ancient Greek inspired pillars and ruins, and a Trojan horse shaped monument. This the perfect wind-down spot for families and couples. With plenty of relaxed amusements like the Poseidon Wave Pool, ancient shipwrecks, Geysers and also the hair-raising ride, Drop to Atlantis. A dizzyingly rapid water slide that spews people out of a Roman temple and into a giant pool.





6. Beach Park (Fortaleza, Brazil)


The notorious Insano at Beach Park, is the tallest and fastest water slide in the world. It's 41 metres high or the equivalent of a 14 storey building. The water slide 'victims' plummet down the slide at 105 km/ph. The duration of the ride is about 5 seconds of pure adrenalin. There's also a giant half pipe slide called Kalafrio for the more faint hearted. Plus plenty of diversions for the kids, with eight water slides and a circus-themed play area in shallow water.


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