Top Six Best Water Parks in the World


For land-locked lovers of water, there aren't many opportunities to take a refreshing dip into the sea. Instead you need to seek out land-locked oases of watery bliss. Check out these amazing, larger than life water parks that tick all of the boxes for fun.


6. Aquatica: Orlando Florida


Expect excessive amounts of splashing with not one but two wave pools at this Florida resort. They have built two side-by-side, perfect for practising getting a grips with a body board or surf board, without the attendant worries of sharks and coral. They also have the Dolphin Plunge water slide that takes passengers shunting through a stunning dolphin-filled aquarium. Also there's the white-knuckle Omaka Rocka, a high-octane blast down a series of flumes. More sedate activities like lazing on a beach can be discovered at the South Seas inspired tropical garden, with ample shade and 60,000 species of different plants.


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5. Tropical Islands: Krausnick, Germany


This water park is built in the largest free-standing hall in the world. It's immaculately designed and built for the harsh German climate with tropical weather available all year round. This structure was originally made for gigantic Zeppelins. However nowadays it hosts around 6,000 visitors per day and one of the world's largest indoor pools that measures 200 metres in length. Visitors to Tropical Islands can also opt to stay inside of the park with a hotel, nightclub and an indoor rainforest with 50,000 plants.


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4. Beach Park: Fortaleza, Brazil


Prepare yourselves for the Insano at Beach Park. The beach-lover's mecca of Brazil has got one of the world's tallest and fastest water slides here. It's a sheer petrifying drop of 41 metres at a rocketing pace of 104 km/h. Those who wimp out on the larger water-slide can try the Kalafrio, a giant half-pipe slide. For the little ones there's also a circus-themed play area and some frivolous frolicking to be had in the Acqua Show area, with water cannons, mini water slides and synchronised water jets.


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3. Caribbean Bay: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


This is a water park designed for the stressed-out or sleep deprived. There's a gorgeous hot spring pools area that offers therapeutic treatments. Plus a sleeping room where you can have a wee kip in amongst purified air and slumber on a bed carved from a large hunk of energy-boosting jade. Sounds like the right type of place for frazzled business travellers.

Caribbean Bay

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2. Yas Waterworld: Abu Dhabi, UAE


New technology is showcased at this water-park in Abu Dhabi, including the world's first hydro-magnetic water slide. This technology supposedly offers a much more smooth and streamlined ride. There's also the Bandit Bomber, a 550 metre long water-coaster that takes you on an epic cruise through the park.


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1. Wet ‘n’ Wild: Sydney Australia


A part of the Wet ‘n’ Wild franchise, this water park is a cut above the rest and has been generating buzz since opening on December 12th 2013. During its first weekend of opening the park attracted around 65,000 visitors. The reason seems to be the high-calibre of rides and attractions. There are 42 rides including the world's tallest water slide. There's a whole lot of loops, twists and free falls; including an 8 lane racer so that you can race your friends. Only the brave will dare to try the Sydney SkyCoaster with its enormous plummet 75 metres towards the earth and then elevation above the crowds.


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There's always going to be water parks that seek to outdo each other for the fastest, more unusual and most extreme water slide. Although they are worthy of an epic voyage to try them out yourself. Have you recently been to a super cool water park? Let Evoheat know your experience below!