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The latest innovation in pool heating

Day or night, rain, hail or shine; our pool heating technology will deliver your desired pool temperature with the lowest operating costs.

With greater efficiency and reliability than all conventional methods – including solar pool heating, gas and electric element.
Our heating solutions are upfront and have no hidden costs which may appear later such as with solar pool heating.

A heat pump is a different way to use renewable energy to heat or cool your pool or spa water.  An Evo heat pump uses environmentally friendly refrigerant that extracts the latent heat from the air and transfers the heat into the pool water through a series of processes.

For every 1kW of electricity used, up to 16kW of heating is produced, meaning our Evo heat pumps are the most reliable, energy efficient year -round heating system available and they produce far more energy than they consume!


The ultimate energy efficient pool heating

Evo heat pumps are ideal to work with solar PV panels. Why waste your roof space installing solar pool heating when you can install solar PV and generate electricity for all your household appliances!

"Replacing our damaged Solar Pool Heating, now we don't have to fear hail storms and can utilise solar energy to heat our pool & spa year round. Easy to use controls & optional Wifi module".

Complete control over the weather isn’t possible, however complete control over your pool heating and running costs is with EvoHeat.

Our exclusive EVO heat pumps are the most reliable and energy efficient heating system available on the market today and they produce far more energy than they consume! To get your free pool heat evaluation report, including estimated running costs click the button below.



Got a pool party coming up? No need to worry if the sun will be out or if your pool will be warm! Our heat pumps take the guesswork out of pool heating.


Energy efficient

Heat pumps are up to 16 times more efficient than traditional pool heating technologies and are incredibly affordable to run!


Pair with Solar PV

Heat pumps are ideal to work with solar PV panels. Why waste your roof space installing solar pool heating when you can install solar PV and generate electricity for all your household appliances.


Heat and Cool

All Evo heat pumps are equipped to heat or cool your pool water based on our set temperature - so you can be sure your pool is always at your desired temperature.


Precise Temperature Control

Set a precise temperature for your pool water to reach and maintain depending on your requirements.


Cold Climate and all Weather friendly

Evo Heat pumps work in all weather and climates! Our heat pumps can operate in -7°C temperatures and when there is no sun out.

5 star 5.0 from 428 reviews
Test Summary
5 star by Test N. | 15 July 2021

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Great Pool Heater Should have...
5 star by Eric C. | 22 October 2020

After last year's poor summer with very few days that the solar heating allowed for swimming in most months I decided to investigate the
possibility of purchasing a pool heater. My pool maintenance man cautioned me regarding the cost of gas but suggested that I look at a Heat Pump...

The children love it!
5 star by Steve G. | 22 May 2021

We had our heater installed in December and moved into our new home in January. As the weather started to cool it's become an essential part of family life and it means we get to enjoy the pool so much more - it works like a dream and we run it mainly off our solar system so its very economical.

This lets us swim all year round...
5 star by Andrew H. | 22 May 2021

Facts are this keeps a consistent heat in my pool all year around without a struggle easy to use system.

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