Six Tips for Creating a Healthy Nursery

Are you preparing for a little bundle of joy to arrive? Pretty soon your personal life will change irrevocably and everybody around you will be celebrating. But what about organising the tiny tot's abode? Here's a couple of helpful hints that enable parents to create a safe and healthy nursery. That's not to say that you ought to be alarmed or worried. After all – there's enough of these cautionary tales out there to scare the hind legs off a baby rabbit. Instead, think of this guide as a confession from someone who has walked a mile or two with a swollen, child-bearing body.

The Low-Down on Airborne Pollutants

Did you know that babies and children are more vulnerable to airborne pollutants compared to adults? The reasons for this are threefold.

  1. The baby's internal organs are still developing.

  2. The baby generally eats more, drinks more, and breathes more in proportion to its size.

  3. Infant behaviour (like romping around and trying to put food into the mouth) can lead to a higher rate of exposure to chemicals or micro-organisms.

Whoa there, before you go off and have a panic attack, hold on! There are ways to mitigate against risks, including minimising exposure to harmful pollutants like smoke, dust, chemical cleaners, pesticides, lead and carbon monoxide.


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Clean the Air Inside Your Home

If the air quality and airflow inside of your home is inadequate, then this may lead to pollutants getting trapped there. However you can avoid this is by cleaning the air.

To do this, run your air conditioner with a fan only mode. This will filter out some of the particulates from the air. It's also a good idea to clean or replace the air conditioning filter regularly and to keep air ducts clean and dust-free. You can purchase an air purifier for the nursery if you have some serious concerns about air quality in there.



Monitor the Temperature

Infants find it harder to maintain their body temperatures. So to ensure that the baby's room is at the right temperature, consider getting an air conditioning unit that doubles as a heater. This means that despite what the air temperature in the rest of the home, you can closely monitor temperature in the nursery. Evoheat offer a versatile range of air conditioners, including wall-mounted, cassette and ducted heating units. They come with a wireless remote control for optimal temperature management and an LED display, so that you can always know the temperature in a room, even from another part of the house.


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Eco-friendly Paint

Many parents wait until the last minute to paint the nursery, so that they know the gender of the baby. Although it's generally a much better idea to be prepared. The temporary effects of paint fumes are well-known to most people. They include headaches, sore eyes, throat and sinuses, nausea and dizziness. Multiply and intensify these symptoms if we are talking about a baby. The trick is to paint the room early and ventilate it well. This ensures that it's in tip-top shape for the new arrival.

Pregnant women should exercise caution when painting. This is one job that's best left to someone else! If you must muck in, then use a protective mask, protective clothes and keep the room well-ventilated to minimise exposure to toxins.

Clean the Floor Naturally

Ideally, you will have chosen wooden floorboards in your child's nursery. This is a much more hygienic option compared to carpet. However if you have carpeted floors then don't despair. Opt for a steam cleaner rather than a traditional vacuum as it's a much more safe and natural way to disinfect carpet.


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Keep Pets Away

Pets add to the tapestry of memories for child. In fact, scientific research has shown that exposure to dogs and cats from an early age can actually boost a child's immune system. Although for newborns and infants under the age of one, pets should be kept outside of the nursery and away from baby. At this age, he or she won't have the immune response strong enough to handle pet dander or saliva.

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