Seven Money Saving Tips for Heating Your Home this Winter

As winter wraps her chilly arms around Australia, it's essential that we all pay attention to ways to save money on heating the home. Here's a couple of essentials to keep the rosy cheeks and happy faces all round in your family.

1. Lower the Thermostat

You may feel a bit like a Scrooge by lowering the thermostat. However, by increasing the thermostat temperature by 1 degree, you increase the heating component of your bill by around 10%. During our mostly mild Aussie winters, you should adequately manage having rooms heated to 18-21°C.



2. Rug up to Warm Up

Don't crank up the heater when it gets chilly in the evenings. Instead, put on a jumper and a second pair of socks and slip inside of a blanket. Then be as snug as a bug in a rug in front of the tellie. It may seem like common-sense, but sometimes the easy and simple things are often overlooked, and a higher heating bill creeps up on you!

3. Timed Heating

Using a timer for your heating is going to mean that you can come home to a warm house, and likewise you're not heating the place when nobody is home, or when you're tucked up in bed. This will make a dramatic difference to your heating bill each month. Evoheat have seamlessly timed, energy efficient space heaters, that will mean minimum effort and cost.

4. Energy Efficient Space Heaters for Rooms

There's absolutely no point keeping the toilet and laundry in toasty conditions! You should get a heating unit that allows for multiple temperatures in different rooms of the home, for maximum savings on heating. Evoheat have a home space heater that's ultra efficient on electricity and can be put together for your pool and hot water heating as well. Speak with Evoheat to find out more.



5. Insulate Your Home

By insulating your ceiling, walls and windows you can help to reduce your home's carbon output while also saving around $150 per year on your power bill. The type of insulation you should get, depends on what part of Australia you live in and your type of home. You should always get help from a professional for this, as they should be accredited under the Australian standard of AS3999 and be able to provide the accreditation when asked.

Using a hot water unit jacket, will help to save you money on heating water for your home. Just like putting a jacket on a Scottish terrier or a pony, rug up your hot water unit – it needs love too.

6. Nifty Cooking Tips

Did you know that using your microwave means you use 80% less energy than an oven? If you cook with the lids on pans and pots, you also reduce the amount of heat required. Likewise by using the correct gas or electric ring on the stove.

7. Washing and Drying Clothes

Choose eco washes or cold water programmes. And buy washing powders that are equally as effective in cold water. This will drastically reduce your heating bills each month. Also, do a full load not half loads. This will mean more bang for your buck. Tumble dryers are the friend of convenience (or laziness) for many people. However, they chew up a lot of energy when a drying rack is a slower yet cheaper option.



It doesn't stop there. Evoheat have plenty more great ideas for saving money on heating this winter. Get advice from our friendly customer service team today on 1300 85 99 33.