Mantra on View

Client: Mantra on View
Location: Surfers Paradise, QLD
Heat Pumps Installed: 2 x EvoHeat DHP-50R, 1 x DHP-30R Heat Pumps
Application: Pool and Spa Heating

Mantra on View were using expensive gas heaters to heat their pool and spa and needed a more economical and energy efficient way of heating the pools. Upon receiving a detailed pool evaluation, it was determined that to heat the large resort pool, 2 EvoHeat DHP-50R heat pumps for the main pool would be adequate and a single DHP-30R was suited to the spa.

The main pool previously needed a much larger CS47 heater however as the location of all filtration equipment was on the fourth floor of the hotel, the main street adjacent to the hotel would’ve had to be closed off to allow the installation. To prevent the installation amounting to huge costs, it was decided that instead two smaller heat pumps that make up the total kW of power required for the main pool would be used instead. The plumbing was designed so both heat pumps received water at the same time, not daisy chained. This ensures both heat pumps receive equal operating use and not have a situation where one heat pump does majority of work.

Outstanding Results

Using EvoHeat pumps, the Mantra on View was able to completely half their pool heating running costs while also being energy efficient.

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