Lakes Entrance Aquadome

Client: Lakes Entrance Aquadome
Location: Lakes Entrance, VIC
Company Name: East Gippsland Shire Council
Heat Pumps: 2 x EvoHeat CS135 & 2 x RHS8000 Heat Recovery Heat Pump Space Heaters
Application: Commercial Pool and Space Heating

Client requirements:
The Lakes Entrance Aquadome was looking at replacing its ageing gas boilers with more efficient options. As the entire facility was operating on LPG heating costs were extremely high. Both the pool heating and space heating and ventilation systems were in need of replacement.

Evo pool heating solution:
Evo supplied two EvoHeat CS135 commercial pool heat pumps to heat each of the centre’s two pools.

The installation was completed with the pool in full operation at all times with NO downtime period experienced for patrons during the entire installation process.

Evo space heating solution:
Two RHS8000 Heat Recovery Heat Pump Space heaters and a high-level control system with full web based SCADA and energy monitoring package were installed to meet their space heating needs.

This system was designed to operate in full automatic mode and can be controlled from any location with internet access.

Outstanding Results

The EvoHeat upgrade provided a massive cost reduction for Lakes Entrance Aquadome with a reduction in their running costs of over 80%.

Not only were we able to smash their running costs, their ROI for the pool heating application was estimated at 1.56 years and the ROI for the air heating was estimated at 2.36 years.

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