Brisbane Marriott Hotel

Client: Brisbane Marriott Hotel
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Heat Pumps Installed: 2x EvoHeat CS38 Heat Pumps
Application: Pool Heating

Brisbane Marriott Hotel were using gas heating and paying more than $32,000 per year for their pool heating running costs. While investigating their heating options they were told they needed 100kW for heating by a competitor. After EvoHeat completed an extensive analysis we found they required 2 x EvoHeat CS 38 units (total 76kW).

Two EvoHeat CS 38 units were installed on the 11th floor. All the piping had to be installed on the exterior of the building in a water catchment area. To get the piping to the exterior of the building a concrete cutter cut trenches into the concrete to run the pipes. As our units were installed on the 11th floor our installers x-rayed the area to ensure the concrete cutter was not cutting through anything dangerous or detrimental to the building or structure.

Outstanding Results

Our EvoHeat heat pump solution reduced the Marriott’s annual pool heating running costs by over 80%.
Brisbane Marriott Hotel were previous paying over $32,000 using gas heating however with our EvoHeat heat pump technology they are now only paying $5,550 for their annual running costs.

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