Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

Client: Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors
Location: Beerwah, QLD
Heat Pump Installed: EvoHeat Force 26-3 Heat Pump & 4x Evo270 Hot Water Heat Pumps
Installer: Sunpak Hot Water
Application: Turtle Enclosure Water Heating & Hot Water

The animals at Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital have received a much-needed hot water upgrade!

Four Evo270 hot water heat pumps were expertly installed by Sunpak Hot Water to replace the existing hot water system, which will provide efficient and reliable hot water for all the animals in rehabilitation.

A few years ago, EvoHeat also supplied the Wildlife Warriors with one of our pool heat pumps for their turtle pools to be heated for therapy and dive testing to ensure the turtles are well enough to return back into the wild! After their previous heat pump system failed, the hospital urgently needed a new heat pump to keep their turtles happy and healthy.  An EvoHeat Force 26 3-Phase heat pump was decided to be the best heat pump for their enclosure.

Outstanding Results

The Force 26-3 Phase heat pump is extremely efficient with low running costs, it is designed so that it can be used all year round- vital in the cold months!  Due to its smaller size, the heat pump can be more versatility installed with low noise, an added benefit.

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