Anchorage Apartments

Client: Anchorage Apartments
Location: Hope Island, QLD
Heat Pump Installed: 1 x Force-i 19 Heat Pump
Application: Commercial Pool Heating

Anchorage Apartments at Hope Island on the Gold Coast replaced their old and faulty equipment with a brand new high-performance EvoHeat Force-i 19 Heat pump!

The pool was previously using a gas heater, and after only 2 years the heat exchangers were eaten through by chlorinated water! This was not covered by warranty and Anchorage Apartments made the decision to replace their faulty & inefficient equipment with one of EvoHeat’s advanced heat pumps. EvoHeat’s industry leading 25-year warranty on our 100% titanium heat exchanger will give Anchorage Apartments total peace of mind for the future.

The Force-i 19 Heat Pump was installed alongside various equipment inside a very warm plantroom. This was due to the fact that the body corporate wished for the heat pump not to be visible. EvoHeat and our trade customer found a way to satisfy this requirement while also providing appropriate conditions for the heat pump to operate correctly and deliver the highest possible level of energy efficiency for the site.

To adequately remove the cold waste air the heat pump generates out of the plantroom, a section of the besa block wall was cut-out and the heat pump was faced towards the wall, mounted on top of a pair of cantilever brackets. A louvre was installed over the cut hole to keep the weather out and allow the cold waste air to pass through.

Other key aspects of the installation included a by-pass being installed to regulate/isolate water flow into the heat pump, the display controller was removed and remounted to the rear of the heater, and plumbing of condensate was routed to the closest floor waste drain.

Outstanding Results

Heating costs will reduce significantly by approximately 70%, this will provide for a quick ROI (Return on Investment)! Once the ROI is reached, those savings can be directed toward other important building and maintenance projects!

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