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St Andrew’s Anglican College

Trade Partner: Baldwin Aquatic
Client: St Andrew’s Anglican College
Location: Peregian Springs, QLD
Heat Pumps Installed: 1x CS95-GEN2, 3x CS200-GEN2 Commercial Heat Pumps
Application: Commercial Pool Heating

St Andrew’s Anglican College on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is utilising EvoHeat’s commercial pool heat pumps to efficiently heat their 50m competition pool & 15m learn-to swim pool. Baldwin Aquatic installed a total of four of EvoHeat’s CS-GEN2 Heat Pumps (1x CS95-GEN2, 3x CS200-GEN2) which will be sure to keep students and swimmers in the water all year and at the top of their game!

Mansfield Primary School

Client: Mansfield Primary School
Location: Mansfield, QLD
Heat Pumps Installed: 1x CS120-GEN2 Commercial Heat Pump
Application: Commercial Pool Heating

Mansfield Primary School’s pool is heated to a toasty and consistent 28 degrees using EvoHeat’s CS120-GEN2 series commercial heat pump! The heat pump is an excellent addition to the pool, which will allow swimmers to stay comfortable and keep their swim program running year-round.

Wentworthville Aquatic Centre

Trade Partner: Omnistruct
Client: Cumberland City Council
Location: Wentworthville Aquatic Centre, NSW
Heat Pumps Installed: 6x EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 Commercial Heat Pumps
Application: Commercial Pool Heating

Wentworthville Aquatic Centre has undergone a $12.2 million upgrade of its facilities, reopening in March 2021. The Aquatic Centre has 3 pools: a 50m pool, a 25m pool and a kid’s splash pad. Omnistruct, who were engaged by the Cumberland City Council determined that EvoHeat’s cutting edge pool heating technology would be the perfect heating solution to go hand-in-hand with the facility’s upgrade. It was determined that a total of 6 EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 commercial high performance heat pumps would provide highly efficient heating to all the swimming pools for patrons to enjoy.

Pimpama Aquatic Centre

Client: Pimpama Aquatic Centre
Location: Pimpama, QLD
Heat Pumps Installed: 8x EvoHeat CS-GEN2 Commercial Pool Heat Pumps (2x CS200-GEN2, 4x CS145-GEN2, 2x CS120-GEN2)
Application: Commercial Pool Heating and Cogeneration

City of Gold Coast’s Pimpama Sports Hub, which is currently under construction, is being supplied with eight EvoHeat CS-GEN2 heat pumps for their Aquatic Centre along with Evo ET’s Cogeneration equipment.

The EvoHeat CS-GEN2 commercial pool heat pumps (2x CS200-GEN2, 4x CS145-GEN2, 2x CS120-GEN2) will provide energy efficient pool heating to maintain an optimum temperature year-round for facility users. Using highly efficient and innovative installation with various technologies, Pimpama Sports Hub will be a grid neutral smart facility.

Miami Aquatic Centre

Client: City of Gold Coast
Location: Miami Aquatic Centre
Heat Pumps Installed: 2x EvoHeat CS200-GEN2, 1x CS120-GEN2, 1x CS95-GEN2 & 1x CS57 Heat Pumps
Application: Commercial Pool Heating

The Miami Aquatic Centre owned by the City of Gold Coast has just undergone a major redevelopment. This redevelopment provided increased lap swimming and learn to swim facilities including; a new additional, 10-lane Olympic pool and a new learn to swim pool.

EvoHeat have supplied the Aquatic Centre with a total of 5 commercial heat pumps to heat all 3 pools adequately for patrons.

Before the redevelopment, low energy efficiency competitor units were being used and were ripped out to be replaced with EvoHeat’s highly efficient heat pumps. With this new and advanced technology, the Aquatic Centre’s Evo heat pumps will operate at maximum performance, at the lowest running costs!

The Evo CS57 heat pump for the learn-to-swim pool was installed on top of a shipping container which housed a purpose built modular filtration system designed by Brauer Industries; and will heat the pool to a toasty 32 degrees!

Cook & Phillip Park Aquatic Centre

Client: City of Sydney
Location: Cook & Phillip Park Aquatic Centre
Heat Pumps Installed: 3x EvoHeat CS120-GEN2 & 1x CS95-GEN2 Pool Heat Pumps & 2x Evo Ultra Chillers, Evo ET Cogeneration Equipment
Application: Commercial Pool Heating, Air-Conditioning, Cogeneration

Evo Energy Technologies provided the City of Sydney with a major central energy plant upgrade at the Cook and Philip Park Aquatic Centre (CPP). The upgrade saw both Evo ET Cogeneration equipment and EvoHeat high efficiency Heat Pumps installed, helping the centre reduce their energy consumption, energy costs and carbon emissions.

The Evo Ultra chillers work by providing both hot and cold water to different areas to provide heating and cooling. The cold water is moved to air handling units which provide air-conditioning, the hot water heats the Olympic-sized pool. When the pool reaches temperature, the system rejects any excess heat and expels it as hot air out the exhaust fans of one of the EvoHeat CS heat pumps.

Each Evo Ultra unit is 80kW each, and 95% of the time only one unit is required to meet the requirements, meaning just one Evo Ultra unit is more effective than the single previous 250kW air source chiller.

Essentially the pool is able to be heated for incredibly minimal cost off the air-conditioning!

Palm Beach Aquatic Centre

Client: City of Gold Coast
Location: Palm Beach Aquatic Centre
Heat Pumps Installed: 3x EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pumps
Application: Commercial Pool Heating

Palm Beach Aquatic Centre is expected to nearly halve their pool heating costs by installing high performance EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 heat pumps.

Palm Beach Aquatic Centre originally built almost 45 years ago has been undergoing a major redevelopment into a regional aquatic centre with integrated sports, fitness, community, and youth facilities. The first stage of redevelopment was the centre’s 50-metre outdoor pool.

The centre was previously using 2 old heat pumps on the outdoor pool and had reached the end of their usable life. With EvoHeats’ Industry leading advancements in technology and design, the Evo CS-GEN2 series was the perfect choice.

By completing detailed evaluations of the pool requirements and environment, EvoHeat determined that the existing heat pumps were to be replaced by three Evo CS200-GEN2 High Performance commercial heat pumps.

Calculations determined that after upgrading to EvoHeat’s advanced technology heat pumps, the aquatic centre will see up to a 50% reduction in their 50m pool heating costs!

The Evo CS-GEN2 series is the most efficient way to heat a commercial pool regardless of size or location, saving our customers tens of thousands of dollars a year with innovative technology and high-end performance.

Commercial Plant Nursery

Client: Commercial Plant Nursery
Location: QLD
Heat Pumps Installed: 2 x Evo Comfort 19 Hot Water Heating, Space Heating & Cooling Heat Pumps
Application: Heating for Maximum Plant Production

EvoHeat assisted a trade partner to provide a more energy efficient solution for a nursery project.

During the winter period, plant root temperatures drop which reduces production yields in nurseries. To combat the cooling of soil and roots, the nursery installed an in-floor heating style hot water loop under the plant beds and circulated warm water through the loop. This water was heated using old, energy inefficient electric element technology. Operational costs were high, given approx the 1kW energy input to 1kW energy output ratio

By changing to two Evo Comfort 19 heat pumps, 1kw of energy will be output to 4kw, reducing the nursery’s operational costs by approximately a massive 75%! The Evo Comfort is the ideal integrated solution for hot water heating, as well as space heating and cooling!

Redcliffe War Memorial Pool

Client: Redcliffe City Council
Location: Redcliffe, QLD
Heat Pumps Installed: 3 x CS200-GEN2 Heat Pumps
Application: Pool Heating

Redcliffe Memorial Pool has had three EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 commercial heat pumps installed for their indoor pools; a 50m olympic sized pool and an 18m learn to swim pool. The Evo CS-GEN2 commercial heat pump is the most efficient way to heat a commercial pool regardless of size or location. A tried and trusted commercial pool heater that’s able to save businesses tens of thousands of dollars a year, you can expect innovative and intelligent commercial pool heating designed with forward thinking technology and high-end performance.


Toronto Swim Centre

Client: Toronto Swim Centre
Location: Lake Macquarie, NSW
Heat Pumps Installed: 1x CS95-GEN2, 2x CS120-GEN2, 1x CS200-GEN2, 2 x Evo270, 2x Evo Command 50 Heat Pumps
Application: Pool Heating, Hydrotherapy, Hot Water

Toronto Swim Centre located in Lake Macquarie NSW has recently reopened its doors late last year after undergoing a $6.5-million renovation! The centre is also home to First Splashes and Macquarie Shores Swim Club.

The centre has 3 pools: An indoor heated 25m pool, an indoor heated 16m Learn-to-swim pool and an indoor hydrotherapy pool.

Lake Macquarie Council were incredibly happy with EvoHeat’s technology on their Speers Point Pool and decided to implement the energy efficient solutions for the swim centre’s upgrade. A total of 8 EvoHeat units were installed at the centre! For the pool heating; One Evo CS200-GEN2, One Evo CS95 & Two Evo CS120-GEN2 heat pumps were installed. Two Evo Command 50 space and water heat pumps and two Evo270 hot water systems were also installed. It was essential that the best heat pumps were used and combined with a PV solar system for electricity production.

The renovation included but was not limited to; a complete retiling of all pools, the introduction of a combined hydrotherapy & spa pool and pool resurfacing. The swim centre’s filtration system & disinfection system were also replaced, and solar panels were installed on the roof.

Enormous regards to managers of the centre Ben and his wife Cassandra, who invite everyone to go and have a look at the incredibly impressive facility, with the perfect temperature with EvoHeat.

Lake Macquarie are to be commended on their proactive and innovative design of this amazing centre; NSW Council are leading the way and are sure to see guaranteed results with a very small carbon footprint.