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Kuala Lumpur Aquatic Centre

  • Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Client: Kuala Lumpur Aquatic Centre
  • Heat Pumps: DHP-40R, CS120-GEN2, 2 x CS200-GEN2
  • Application: Commercial Pool Heating


Kuala Lumpur Aquatic Centre is apart of the major sports hub and tourist destination, Kuala Lumpur Sports City (KLSC). The aquatic centre required a major redevelopment and upgrade of the centre in preparation of the SEA games and Asean Para Games from Aug 19 to 31 and Sept 17 to 23 respectively to transform the centre into a world class venue. EvoHeat were contacted to install a variety of heaters to suit these new upgrades. EvoHeat heat pumps were selected for their high efficiency and their ability to not only heat the pools but also cool them if desired. In the warm-up pool a DHP-40R heat pump in stainless steel was installed, in the diving pool a CS120-GEN2 in 316 stainless steel, in the 50m pool a CS200-GEN2 in 316 stainless and in the training pool a CS200-GEN2 in 316 stainless steel.

Outstanding Results

These four heat pumps allow each pool to be heated effectively to the desired temperature to suit the needs of all who use them.

Radisson Blue Resort

  • Location: Fiji
  • Client: Radisson Blue Resort
  • Heat Pumps: EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 on main pool, 2 EvoHeat Force haet pumps on the spa’s
  • Application: Pool & Spa Heating

The Radisson Blu Resort in Fiji required multiple heat pumps to heat their various resort pools. EvoHeat installed a CS200 on the large main pool for the resort users comfort year round. The 2 spas were each heated by a Force 9 unit. These EvoHeat units will ensure that the pool remains a comfortable temperature for the many guests that use the pools at the resort.

Wyndham Resort

  • Location: FiJi
  • Client: Wyndham Resort 
  • Heat Pumps: EvoHeat CS57
  • Application: Spa Heating


Wyndham Resort in Fiji are now heating their spa with an EvoHeat CS57. The CS57 is connected in line with the filtration system, providing a better distribution of heat and saving them on running costs by not having a separate dedicated pump.

Outstanding Results

Another happy customer!