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Ramada Resort Flynn’s Beach

  • Location: Port Macquarie, NSW
  • Client: Ramada Resort Flynn’s Beach
  • Heat Pumps: EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 commercial heat pumps in 316 stainless steel
  • Application: Pool Heating


Ramada Flynns beach needed to replace their ageing old heater to heat their resort pool.
An EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 commercial heat pump in 316 stainless cabinet was installed into the pool plantroom underneath the building. The installation included ducting on the top fans to remove the cold air from the plantroom.

Outstanding Results:
Our EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 has a much smaller unit footprint than their previous Accent heater, helping maximize their plantroom space.

Our CS200-GEN2 delivers a higher output than their previous heater with 12% higher energy efficiency.

Our EvoHeat tariff+ system optimizes run time to maximize offpeak power and peak demand charges which further improves their running costs.

Wyndham Resort

  • Location: FiJi
  • Client: Wyndham Resort 
  • Heat Pumps: EvoHeat CS57
  • Application: Spa Heating


Wyndham Resort in Fiji are now heating their spa with an EvoHeat CS57. The CS57 is connected in line with the filtration system, providing a better distribution of heat and saving them on running costs by not having a separate dedicated pump.

Outstanding Results

Another happy customer!

Pumicestone Blue Resort

  • Location: Caloundra, QLD
  • Client: Pumicestone Blue Resort
  • Heat Pumps: EvoHeat Force 25
  • Application: Pool Heating

Pumicestone Blue Resort were originally heating their roof top spa using electric element heating. Earlier this year they upgraded their traditional heating with an energy efficient EvoHeat Force 25 heat pump.

Our EvoHeat heat pumps are renowned for having one of the highest Coefficiency Of Performance ratings available worldwide, providing Pumicestone Blue Resort with over a heating solution that is 600% more energy-efficient than their old electric element heating.

Outstanding Results
EvoHeat will save Pumicestone Blue Resort over $5,000 per annum on their running costs.

Noosa Blue Resort

  • Location: Noosa, QLD
  • Client: Noosa Blue Resort
  • Heat Pumps: EvoHeat CS138
  • Application: Pool Heating


Noosa Blue Resort needed to replace their constantly failing LPG Pool heating systems. After EvoHeat performed a modelling assessment of their needs, we recommended our CS1238 and DHP603.

Their large resort pool required a CS138, which was installed in the car park basement. For their smaller pool, we installed a DHP603 in the existing plant room. Both installations required ducting for adequate ventilation. Noosa Blue Resort achieved dramatic reductions in their heating costs, by removing the incredibly costly LPG heating and refitting the resort with energy-efficient CS heat pumps. The return on investment scenario was reached in less than nine months.

After the refit, both units are continuing to perform in an energy-efficient manner. Management has reported that they continue to reap huge financial benefits.

Outstanding results

The old LPG heating system was costing the resort $81,529 per year, projected to rise to $815,290 per decade.

After EvoHeat’s retrofit the cost per year is estimated at $19,747. This offers savings of approximately $61,700 per annum and savings exceeding $571,000 over the coming decade.

Mantra on View

  • Location: Surfers Paradise, QLD
  • Client: Mantra on View
  • Heat Pumps: 2 x EvoHeat DHP-50R and DHP-30R
  • Application: Pool and Spa Heating


Mantra on View were using expensive gas heaters to heat their pool and spa and needed a more economical and energy efficient way of heating the pools. Upon receiving a detailed pool evaluation, it was determined that to heat the large resort pool, 2 EvoHeat DHP-50R heat pumps for the main pool would be adequate and a single DHP-30R was suited to the spa.

The main pool previously needed a much larger CS47 heater however as the location of all filtration equipment was on the fourth floor of the hotel, the main street adjacent to the hotel would’ve had to be closed off to allow the installation. To prevent the installation amounting to huge costs, it was decided that instead two smaller heat pumps that make up the total kW of power required for the main pool would be used instead. The plumbing was designed so both heat pumps received water at the same time, not daisy chained. This ensures both heat pumps receive equal operating use and not have a situation where one heat pump does majority of work.

Excellent Outcome
Using EvoHeat pumps, the Mantra on View was able to completely half their pool heating running costs while also being energy efficient.

Montana Palms Holiday Apartments

  • Location: Gold Coast, QLD 
  • Client: Montana Palms Holiday Apartments
  • Heat Pumps: EvoHeat CS47 & Force14
  • Application: Pool And spa heating


Montana Palms are now heating their resort spa using an EvoHeat heat pump. They had previously installed an EvoHeat CS47 to heat their main resort pool and were so happy with the result they have just upgraded their old spa heat pump with an EvoHeat Force 14. When installing the unit we have used ducting to channel the cold air away from the unit to maximise the heat pumps efficiency.

Outstanding Results

EvoHeat were able to reduce Montana Palms running costs and provide a higher energy efficiency pool and spa heating solution.


Resort Style Living Community

  • Client: Resort Style Living Community
  • Heat Pumps: EvoHeat CS57 & Force26
  • Application: Pool and spa heating


EvoHeat is now heating a pool and spa at a resort style living community for the over 50’s! The pool is being heated by an EvoHeat CS57, while the spa is being heated by an EvoHeat Force 26.


Brisbane Marriott Hotel

  • Location: Brisbane, QLD
  • Client: Brisbane Marriott Hotel
  • Heat Pumps: 2 x EvoHeat CS 38
  • Application: Pool Heating


Brisbane Marriott Hotel were using gas heating and paying more than $32,000 per year for their pool heating running costs. While investigating their heating options they were told they needed 100kW for heating by a competitor. After EvoHeat completed an extensive analysis we found they required 2 x EvoHeat CS 38 units (total 76kW).
Two EvoHeat CS 38 units were installed on the 11th floor. All the piping had to be installed on the exterior of the building in a water catchment area. To get the piping to the exterior of the building a concrete cutter cut trenches into the concrete to run the pipes. As our units were installed on the 11th floor our installers x-rayed the area to ensure the concrete cutter was not cutting through anything dangerous or detrimental to the building or structure.

Outstanding results
Our EvoHeat heat pump solution reduced the Marriott’s annual pool heating running costs by over 80%.
Brisbane Marriott Hotel were previous paying over $32,000 using gas heating however with our EvoHeat heat pump technology they are now only paying $5,550 for their annual running costs.


Mantra Broadbeach

  • Location: Broadbeach, QLD
  • Client: Mantra Broadbeach
  • Heat Pumps: EvoHeat CS109
  • Application: Pool Heating


Mantra Broadbeach were looking to upgrading their old gas pool heating system with a more efficient heating solution. After research, they elected to go ahead with an EvoHeat heat pump and installed an energy efficient EvoHeat CS109, replacing their old inefficient gas heating system.
Our EvoHeat CS109 heat pump now saves Mantra over $15,000 per year on their pool heating. Our direct connect installation option also gave Mantra even more saving by connecting their heat pump directly to the filtration system allowing Mantra to disconnect a water pump which saves them another $1,000 per year.

Outstanding Results
Our EvoHeat CS109 heat pump now saves Mantra over $15,000 per year on the pool heating costs.
Our direct connection solution has saved Mantra an additional $1,000 a year.

Beach Road Holiday Homes

  • Location: Noosa, QLD
  • Heat Pump: EvoHeat Force 18
  • Application: Spa Heating


Just days before Christmas, Beach Road Holiday Homes contacted EvoHeat in need of an urgent spa heating replacement. Their old gas heater which was running on bottled LPG had failed and they needed an urgent replacement for one of their busiest times of the year. While many companies had closed for the Christmas holiday, EvoHeat were able to come to the rescue.

Within less than 24 hours of the customer first making first contact, EvoHeat had replaced their old failing gas heater with an efficient EvoHeat Force 18.

Outstanding Results
Not only were they able to get the job done straight away over the Christmas holiday but they also saved the client an estimated $6,000 + a year (LPG VS grid power with solar).