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Surfers Century Oceanside Apartments

Client: Surfers Century Oceanside Apartments
Location: Gold Coast, QLD
Heat Pump Installed: 3x Force-i 24 Heat Pumps
Application: Commercial Pool Heating

Surfers Century Oceanside Apartments contacted EvoHeat to install a highly efficient means of heating for their resort pool. EvoHeat completed a pool heat evaluation to determine what units would be most suitable for the pool. Due to space restraints, a large single CS-GEN2 unit would have been far too large for the space it was due to be installed – instead, three Force-i 24 heat pumps were determined to be the best solution that will meet the heating requirements! The Force-i heat pumps allow for ease of installation, horizontal cold waste air discharge and lower operating costs due to their full variable speed compressor and fans.

Q1 Resort

Client: Q1 Resort
Location: Gold Coast, QLD
Heat Pump Installed: 3x Force-i 28-3 Heat Pumps
Application: Commercial Indoor Pool Heating

Australia’s tallest building, the Q1, is using EvoHeat’s highly efficient technology to heat their indoor pool! It was determined that three EvoHeat Force-i 28-3 inverter heat pumps would be the best solution to meet the indoor pool’s heating requirements, rather than one bigger heat pump. Guests can now enjoy swimming year-round in toasty warm water!

The Pinnacle Apartments

Client: The Pinnacle Apartments
Location: Gold Coast, QLD
Heat Pump Installed: 1x CS47 Heat Pump
Application: Commercial Pool Heating

The Pinnacle Apartments on the Gold Coast were previously using gas heating for their resort pool which was proving far too costly to sustain with increasing gas prices. EvoHeat completed an evaluation of the pool and determined that an energy efficient EvoHeat CS47 commercial heat pump would be the best solution to replace gas, saving massively on energy costs and providing year-round heating.

BIG4 Narooma Easts Holiday Park

Client: BIG4 Narooma Easts Holiday Park
Location: Narooma, NSW
Heat Pump Installed: 1x CS95-GEN2 Heat Pump
Application: Commercial Pool Heating

BIG4 Narooma Easts Holiday Park required heating for their 25m resort style pool and toddler splash pool to keep customer’s swimming happily year-round. A pool heat evaluation was completed for the resort’s pools and it was determined that an EvoHeat CS95-GEN2 Commercial Pool Heat Pump was the best model to meet the heating requirements. Visitors are sure to enjoy swimming in a toasty warm pool on their vacation at BIG4 Narooma Easts!

Beach Haven Resort

Trade Partner: Total Pool Renovations
Client: Beach Haven Resort
Location: Gold Coast, QLD
Heat Pumps Installed: 1x CS120-GEN2 Commercial Heat Pump
Application: Commercial Pool Heating

Beach Haven Resort on the Gold Coast have a total of 3 heated pools for guests to choose from during their stay! The newly renovated ‘West Pool’ is the largest, followed by the ‘East Pool’ and finally an indoor pool and spa. Total Pool Renovations completed an installation of an EvoHeat CS120-GEN2 commercial pool heat pump which will provide guests with endless swim opportunities no matter the season.

River Place Apartments

Client: River Place Apartments
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Heat Pump Installed: 2 x Force-i 28-3 Heat Pump
Application: Commercial Pool Heating

River Place Apartments in Brisbane are expected to have their pool heating operating costs reduced by over 60% with their newly installed EvoHeat Force-i 28-3 heat pumps! The old inefficient and costly heating system had began to deteriorate and needing replacing with the latest and greatest EvoHeat pool heating technology which will deliver high performance heating for everyone’s enjoyment.

Anchorage Apartments

Client: Anchorage Apartments
Location: Hope Island, QLD
Heat Pump Installed: 1 x Force-i 18 Heat Pump
Application: Commercial Pool Heating

Anchorage Apartments at Hope Island on the Gold Coast replaced their old and faulty equipment with a brand new high-performance EvoHeat Force-i 18 Heat pump!

The pool was previously using a gas heater, and after only 2 years the heat exchangers were eaten through by chlorinated water! This was not covered by warranty and Anchorage Apartments made the decision to replace their faulty & inefficient equipment with one of EvoHeat’s advanced heat pumps. EvoHeat’s industry leading 25-year warranty on our 100% titanium heat exchanger will give Anchorage Apartments total peace of mind for the future.

The Force-i 18 Heat Pump was installed alongside various equipment inside a very warm plantroom. This was due to the fact that the body corporate wished for the heat pump not to be visible. EvoHeat and our trade customer found a way to satisfy this requirement while also providing appropriate conditions for the heat pump to operate correctly and deliver the highest possible level of energy efficiency for the site.

To adequately remove the cold waste air the heat pump generates out of the plantroom, a section of the besa block wall was cut-out and the heat pump was faced towards the wall, mounted on top of a pair of cantilever brackets. A louvre was installed over the cut hole to keep the weather out and allow the cold waste air to pass through.

Other key aspects of the installation included a by-pass being installed to regulate/isolate water flow into the heat pump, the display controller was removed and remounted to the rear of the heater, and plumbing of condensate was routed to the closest floor waste drain.

Outstanding Results
Heating costs will reduce significantly by approximately 70%, this will provide for a quick ROI (Return on Investment)! Once the ROI is reached, those savings can be directed toward other important building and maintenance projects!


Royal Palm Resort

Client: Royal Palm Resort
Location: Palm Beach, QLD
Heat Pumps Installed: Main Pool: 2x CS120-GEN2 Heat Pumps
Spa: Force-i 28-3 Heat Pump
Application: Pool Heating & Spa Heating

Royal Palm Resort located in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast have both a pool and spa for resort guests to enjoy. Previously, a heat pump of approximately 80-90kW was being used for the main pool, which was significantly undersized and insufficient for the pool’s requirements; while the spa had a costly and inefficient electric element heater. EvoHeat performed an evaluation on the pool & spa and determined that two EvoHeat CS120-GEN2 heat pumps were the best solution for the main pool’s heating requirements –totaling 240kW; more than double that of the old and unsatisfactory unit! It was determined that the spa would be a perfect fit for the EvoHeat Force-i 28-3 heat pump.

Outstanding Results
Not only will the Force-i heat pump run quietly and heat the spa to a perfect temperature for guests, the estimated R.O.I of the unit is under a year!

The two CS120-GEN2 heat pumps will deliver exceptional performance for the resort, saving them money on their pool heating costs with maximum efficiency!

Crystalbrook Bailey Hotel

Client: Crystalbrook Bailey Hotel
Location: Cairns, QLD
Heat Pump Installed: 2x CS47 Heat Pumps
Application: Pool Heating

Crystalbrook Bailey is the newest addition to the Crystalbrook Collection’s three Cairns properties. Opening to the public in November of 2019, the 255-room five-star hotel is committed to minimising waste and enhance environmental credentials. An EvoHeat CS Series commercial heat pump was installed for the hotel’s pool and was chosen due to its innovative, intelligent and high-end performance. Mark Ansell, Chief Engineer of Crystalbrook Collection in Cairns has spoken on the hotels use of EvoHeat heat pumps commenting that “They’re the most efficient means of heating and cooling for our swimming pools.”

Outstanding Results
The Crystalbrook Bailey hotel pool will keep guests satisfied and allows the hotel to save as much money possible on their pool heating costs with the innovative and energy efficient CS Series heat pump technology.

Fairways Golf and Beach Retreat

Client: Fairways Golf and Beach Retreat
Location: Bribie Island, QLD
Heat Pump/s Installed: Force-i 28 Heat Pump
Application: Pool Heating

Fairways Golf and Beach Retreat are the happy owners of the new Force-i 28!
Space was very tight during the installation, so air grills were used to push the air out through the fence. The screen was relocated to the of the heat pump so that it could be easily accessed. By installing flexi ducting, it ensured that all the air was directed out of the wall vents which prevented bounce back and maintained high efficiencies.

Outstanding Results
When we first started the unit, the customer did not believe it was running since the unit was so quiet! There was no compressor start up or running noises at all – and when the unit was ramped up to 100% it was still half the noise that the water pump made.