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Botanical Apartments

Client: Botanical Apartments
Location: Subiaco, Western Australia
Heat Pumps Installed: 2 x Force 26, 1 x Force 18
Application: Pool and Spa Heating

Botanical Apartments in Subiaco, Western Australia are now heating their lap pool and spa with EvoHeat! Two EvoHeat Force 26 units have been installed for the lap pool, and a single Force 18 has been installed for the spa.

The pool heaters were set for a maximum temperature of 36 degrees Celsius in order to comply with department of health and safety standards. The Force series is extremely energy efficient and will deliver excellent results for the Botanical Apartments!

Domestic HH17 & PHE60

Well known local prestige home builder, Tim Sharpe and his family wanted to demonstrate the energy saving potential of floor radiant heating and cooling systems in their new home for potential customers.
The high efficiency EvoHeat heat pump catches waste heat and delivers it to the pool while Solar PV energy is contributing 100% of the energy on most days of the year.

DHP-603R Heat Pump

A Gold Coast client had previously acquired a cheap heat pump online with a low warranty, the unit ended up failing outside of the warranty and it was deemed too uneconomical to repair. This Gold Coast resident made the right choice by replacing their cheap heat pump with a premium EvoHeat DHP-603R. By also installing a ducting hood, this allowed any cold air to be directed away from the unit. The heat pump was installed in-line with the filtration system using EvoHeat’s J-Box, resulting in a better distribution of heat throughout the pool and eliminates any secondary water pump operation costs.


DHP-40R Heat Pump

A customer had previously owned a competitor brand heat pump for around 3 years however for the unit had failed and was not functioning at all. EvoHeat performed an evaluation of their pool and it was determined that a DHP-40R heat pump would suit their pool and upgrade from their old and inoperative unit. This EvoHeat DHP-40R will perform excellently for year round use!

DHP-30R Heat Pump

A customer had previously bought a quality fibreglass pool wanting to install a top quality heating system for year round use along with it. The customer will now be able to swim every month of the year in their new pool.

DHP-40R Heat Pump

EvoHeat have recently installed their premium performance DHP-40R heat pump for a customer wanting a 12 month swim season. We installed the unit with a ducting hood to change the air flow to maintain heat efficiency. Our heat pump was installed using an EvoHeat J-Box to allow the heat pump to use the existing filtration water pump. By using the existing filtration system, this will save the customer even more money.

DHP-20R Heat Pump

Another happy customer with the installation of our EvoHeat DHP 20-R. This is our premium domestic heat pump with a host of features including both heating and cooling, intelligent LCD touch screen controller, smart phone controller app, stainless steel cabinet, electronic expansion valve and dual defrost system.

DHP-50R Heat Pump

A luxury Gold Coast Penthouse owner required a new heat pump system to replace their existing costly gas heater setup for both their pool and spa. After a detailed evaluation on both the pool and spa, it was determined that a EvoHeat DHP-50R would adequately suit the clients needs. The DHP-50R also includes a feature that allows the user to remotely control the pools temperature from any location! By installing an EvoHeat heat pump in their pool, the client was able to reduce their running costs by over 50% and elimate their old gas heater! The client was also able to control their pool temperature no matter where they were in the world, allowing them to get home and relax in their warm pool.