Sentra Medika Hospital International & The Hotel Sentra Manado

Customer Name: PT Microchem Indonesia
Location: Sentra Medika Hospital International & The Hotel Sentra Manado, Indonesia
Heat Pumps Installed: 3 x EvoHeat Commercial Hot Water Units
Application: Commercial Hot Water

Sentra Medika Hospital International and The Hotel Sentra Manado needed a stable performing and highly energy efficient hot water system. PT Microchem Indonesia discussed requirements with the owner and the M&E team and determined that three EvoHeat Commercial Hot Water heat pumps were the most suitable based on the desired hot water temperature requirements, the usage requirements and the energy efficiency that the units can provide.

The team at PT Microchem Indonesia provided a neat installation and importantly assisted the client in benefiting from low hot water energy running costs through the three EvoHeat Commercial hot water units.