Mantra Circle on Cavill

Location: Gold Coast, QLD
Client: Mantra Circle on Cavill
Heat Pumps: 2x CS57 with ERPS
Trade Partner: Moore Industries Pty Ltd

Application: Pool Heating
Mantra Circle on Cavill needed to heat their indoor pool for their clients to enjoy. Two EvoHeat CS57 with ERPS (Electronic Rust Protection Systems) were deemed the most suitable to heat the pool. The new, more efficient units were replacing a 10-year-old heat pump that was inefficient due to old technology and the condition of the evaporator fins. The CS units were connected inline with the filtration system.

Outstanding Results
The old setup had a dedicated water pump for the heat pump, with the new EvoHeat install – the water pump was able to be removed and this alone saves the Manta approximately $2000 annually! Mantra on Circle can now enjoy their new heat pump technology and cost savings.


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