Lawnton Aquatic Centre

Client: Lawnton Aquatic Centre
Location: Lawnton, QLD
Heat Pumps Installed: 3 x EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 Heat Pumps
Application: Pool Heating

Lawnton Aquatic Centre needed to heat their 50m outdoor pool so that it could be in use 24/7 all year round! As the pool is used for a large variety of uses such as swimming lessons, squads, birthday parties and general fitness; it was beneficial that the pool would be heated to a stable temperature all the time so that the visitors could enjoy it. EvoHeat detemined that three CS200-GEN2 heat pumps would adequately heat the pool with ease and the highest performance.

Outstanding Results
The large 50m outdoor pool is now heated to a set temperature of 27 degrees celcius, satisfying the needs of both the client and the swimmers who use the pool no matter the temperature!