Fairways Golf and Beach Retreat

Client: Fairways Golf and Beach Retreat
Location: Bribie Island, QLD
Heat Pump/s Installed: Force-i 28 Heat Pump
Application: Pool Heating

Fairways Golf and Beach Retreat are the happy owners of the new Force-i 28!
Space was very tight during the installation, so air grills were used to push the air out through the fence. The screen was relocated to the of the heat pump so that it could be easily accessed. By installing flexi ducting, it ensured that all the air was directed out of the wall vents which prevented bounce back and maintained high efficiencies.

Outstanding Results
When we first started the unit, the customer did not believe it was running since the unit was so quiet! There was no compressor start up or running noises at all – and when the unit was ramped up to 100% it was still half the noise that the water pump made.