Domestic Force-i 28-3 & J-Box

Customer Name: Hydro-Pool Engineering
Location: Jalan Lanjut, Singapore
Heat Pump Installed: Force-i 28-3 & J-Box Heat Pump
Application: Pool Heating

Since building, this client located in Singapore rarely was using her pool as the temperature was cold and unenjoyable! The client realised that in order to make the most out of her pool, having the ability to control and monitor her pool temperature was vital.

The customer spoke to a number of pool contractors who could not offer her a suitable solution due to installation location challenges. EvoHeat however had the perfect solution for this client, after discussing the client’s requirements and reviewing the installation challenges it was determined that an EvoHeat Force-i 28-3 heat pump with an Evo J-Box was the perfect fit.

Hydro-Pool Engineering completed an excellent installation of the Force-i & J-Box that will provide outstanding efficiency for the client. The J-Box that was added on help to maintain the pool at the desired temperature daily while also maintaining the existing pool pump/filtration operational timing.