Domestic Force 26 & J-Box

Client: Domestic
Installer: Waterways Engineering
Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Heat Pump Installed: Force 26 Heat Pump & J-Box
Application: Pool Heating

This client was wanting to heat their pool to a nice temperature so that after work every day he could relax in it, and for his family so that they were able to use their pool more often. A Force 26 was best suited to this clients pool based on a number of factors such as pool size, environment, desired temperature and usage requirements. A J-Box was added as well so that the client has the flexibility to have his pool pump/filtration operation timing split in the mornings and in the evenings, but at the same time have his pool regulate and maintain his desired temperature.

Outstanding Results
Waterways Engineering have done another fantastic install of this EvoHeat Force 26 unit. The neat installation in the open basement area provides outstanding efficiency for the client, and as the unit will discharge cold air into the basement, it will provide a cooling to the area. The J-Box will allow the client greater flexibility saving time, energy and money!