Bond University

Client: Bond University
Location: Robina, QLD
Heat Pump Installed: Polaris HT56 Heat Pumps
Application: Pool Heating and Commercial Water Heating

Bond University were after commercial hot water systems to replace their archaic electric element boiler system that could be used in their enormous sports centre, commercial centre and residential accommodation. Following an in-depth analysis of the facilities, EvoHeat were selected to understand the project. With four separate accommodation blocks requiring upgrade, the project was broken into stages. This entailed replacing the existing electric elements with Polaris HT56 heat pumps.

Stage 1. A Polaris HT56 was installed in the HVAC plant room of 1 building, and proved to be incredibly economical as it utilised high levels of heat from the other equipment, and fed this into the Polaris HT56 system, increasing its energy-efficiency. The large ventilation fan in the plant room was able to be switched off as the Polaris unit was performing the task of removing the heat from the room and transferring it into the building’s hot water supply. 75kW of electric element was replaced by a system using just 16kW.

Stage 2. Two Polaris HT56’s were installed outdoors due to space constraints. The units were installed directly in the air-flow of the accommodation block’s cooling tower, supplying ample warm and moist air to boost the efficiency of the system. A semi-enclosed shroud was constructed around the Polaris HT56’s, to maximise the airflow from the cooling tower. 120kW of element heating was replaced by a system using less than 40kW.

Outstanding Results
Afterwards, analysis of the refit at Bond University, indicates that they are achieving energy efficiency of more than 80%, compared to the old system.