Avalon Resort

Client: Avalon Resort
Location: Surfers Paradise
Heat Pumps Installed: CS120-GEN2 – Main Pool / Force 22 Heat Pump – Spa
Application: Pool and Spa Heating

In 2017, Avalon Resort required a new method of heating for their resort pool and spa. The resort was using costly and inefficient gas heating to warm the pool and spa – costing them a huge sum of approximately $33,500 just for the main pool for a 9-month swim season (excluding June, July and August)!
MRM Airconditioning installed an EvoHeat CS120-GEN2 for the main pool, and an EvoHeat Force 22 for the resort’s spa. To reduce costs the body corporation opted for a 9-month swim season excluding winter maintaining a warm temperature of 27 degrees.

Outstanding Results

The estimated electrical running costs to heat the main pool using the CS120-GEN2 for a 9- month swim season excluding June, July and August are approximately $4300, plus a maximum of $3700 in demand charges (increased demand changes were based on worst case scenario, a lesser amount should be expected) over the fore-mentioned 9 months – totalling $8000. This means Avalon Resort can expect to save more than 75% on their pool heating costs with EvoHeat technology!
EvoHeat estimated that the return on investment using the new technology would only be under 2-years for the resort.