BIG4 Tweed Billabong Holiday Park

Location: Tweed Heads South, NSW
Client: BIG4 Tweed Billabong Holiday Park
Heat Pump: EvoHeat CS57

Application: Pool Heating
BIG4 Tweed Billabong Holiday Park is an award-winning caravan park located in Southern Gold Coast, Queensland. It features some of the best pools and a water park that has become a major attraction for guests. One of the main pools, that includes a kid’s slide and swimming step, is also heated to 28 degrees – providing the perfect year-round swimming conditions for their guests.
In 2018, BIG4 Tweed Billabong Holiday Park contacted EvoHeat and sought interest in replacing their existing 10-year-old heat pump for a more energy efficient and eco-friendly pool heating solution. The decision was made to install an EvoHeat CS57 heat pump unit for the parks needs.

Outstanding Results
After contacting EvoHeat, BIG4 Tweed Billabong made the decision to upgrade their existing heat pump with an energy efficient EvoHeat CS57 heat pump that now saves them almost 40% on their annual pool heating costs.


Warwick Aquatic Centre

  • Location: Warwick, QLD
  • Client: Warwick Aquatic Centre
  • Application: Pool Heating, Air Handling, Ventilation and Heat Recovery
  • Heat Pumps Installed: 3 X EVO CS120-GEN2, 1 X EVO CS200-GEN2, 1 X EVO CS95-GEN2 all upgraded to stainless steel, 1 x EvoHeat CS250 Commercial Air Handling unit
  • Total Heating and Cooling Capacity: 700kW

The Warwick Aquatic Centre managed by the YMCA contracted Evo Industries Australia to upgrade multiple existing pool heating systems. The facility had previously been utilising a combination of heat pumps and a large gas boiler to supply heating via a single heated water loop, with each of the four pools then drawing heat via plate heat exchangers.

The heating loop and plate heat exchangers were completely decommissioned and a fresh installation completed with each pool being assigned its’ own dedicated heat pump(s) and supply and return circulation; providing more economical heating and further improving efficiency by reducing in heat loss.

The indoor hydro pool received more special treatment, with an EvoHeat C250 Commercial Air Handling Unit being installed to improve air quality. The C250 provides dehumidification and ventilation and is fitted with optional additional heat recovery unit. This multi-functional dehumidification system uses refrigeration technology to dehumidify the indoor pool room air and then recycles the waste heat energy to heat both the air and pool water – significantly reducing Warwick’s Aquatic Centre’s operating costs.

The new infrastructure offers a low maintenance, energy efficient solution for pool heating, air handling, ventilation and heat recovery and will significantly reduce running costs and increase the control Warwick Aquatic Centre has over managing their pool temperature.


Circue Apartments

Location: Mount Pleasant, Western Australia
Client: Circue Apartments
Heat Pumps: Force 22
Application: Pool Heating

Circue Apartments in Western Australia are using an EvoHeat Force 22 to keep their spa at a temperature of 36 degrees.

The air extraction setup was to match the displacement of the heating system so that the units could be installed inside the building, in the pool plant room.


Domestic DHP-50R’s


Location: Singapore

Heat Pump Installed: 2 x DHP-50R

Application: Pool Heating

Overview of the Project: The client wanted to experience desired pool temperatures for him and his family to enjoy. 2 DHP-50R units were installed and were best suited based on the pool size, environment and property.

Outstanding Results: By installing ducting, this allowed the cold air to be directed away from the unit and the pump room so it provides outstanding efficiency for the client and as well as expelling cool air into the basement to cool it down!


Botanical Apartments

  • Location: Subiaco, Western Australia
  • Client: Botanical Apartments
  • Heat Pumps: 2x Force 26, 1x Force 18
  • Application: Pool and Spa Heating

Botanical Apartments in Subiaco, Western Australia are now heating their lap pool and spa with EvoHeat! Two EvoHeat Force 26 units have been installed for the lap pool, and a single Force 18 has been installed for the spa.

The pool heaters were set for a maximum temperature of 36 degrees Celsius in order to comply with department of health and safety standards. The Force series is extremely energy efficient and will deliver excellent results for the Botanical Apartments!


Domestic Fusion 9

Location: Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

Heat Pump Installed: Fusion 9

Application: Pool Heating

Overview of the Project: The client was experiencing a rather cold pool at his residence and wanted an ideal desired pool temperature for him and his family to enjoy. A Fusion 9 was best suited based on his pool size and property.

Outstanding Results: The Fusion 9 model was installed at the corner of the pool, this allowed for a neat install out of the way of everything. The cold air that’s discharged to the open provides outstanding efficiency for the client and free cooling to his open spaces.



Mantra Circle on Cavill

Location: Gold Coast, QLD
Client: Mantra Circle on Cavill
Heat Pumps: 2x CS57 with ERPS
Trade Partner: Moore Industries Pty Ltd

Application: Pool Heating
Mantra Circle on Cavill needed to heat their indoor pool for their clients to enjoy. Two EvoHeat CS57 with ERPS (Electronic Rust Protection Systems) were deemed the most suitable to heat the pool. The new, more efficient units were replacing a 10-year-old heat pump that was inefficient due to old technology and the condition of the evaporator fins. The CS units were connected inline with the filtration system.

Outstanding Results
The old setup had a dedicated water pump for the heat pump, with the new EvoHeat install – the water pump was able to be removed and this alone saves the Manta approximately $2000 annually! Mantra on Circle can now enjoy their new heat pump technology and cost savings.


Domestic Force 9’s

Location: Phetchaburi, Thailand
Heat Pumps Installed: 2 x Force 9
Application: Pool Heating & Pool Cooling

Overview of the Project

The owner wanted his family and himself to enjoy a nice relaxing hot pool and a rejuvenating cold pool. Having a chat with us he understood how energy efficient it was to attain his desired temperature requirements and how it easy it is to install and operate our solutions. A Force 9 model for each pool, was best suited based on the pool sizes, property and requirements.

Outstanding Results

The Force 9 models were installed in a well ventilated pump room that allowed a neat install. The cold air and hot air that’s discharged to the open provided outstanding efficiency for the client.



Oaks Festival Towers

Location: Brisbane, QLD
Client: Oaks Festival Towers
Heat Pumps: 1 x Force 26, 1 x CS47 and 2 x CS38’s
Application: Pool Heating

Oaks Festival Towers in Brisbane City have heated their outdoor pool with four different EvoHeat heat pumps! The pool was previously being heated by inefficient element heaters, but were replaced with a Force 26, CS57 and two CS38 units.

Outstanding Results
The element heaters were using a total of 152kW/h when operating this will be reduced to 27kW/h. This is an 85% reduction in power consumption for a similar heat output!
The R.O.I for this project is 6 months with assistance of the Energex Positive Payback scheme which gives financial rewards to business’ for reducing their electrical usage.


Domestic Force 14 & J-Box

Customer Name: Hydro-Pool Engineering

Location: Jalan Awang, Singapore

Heat Pump Installed: Force 14 & J-Box

Application: Pool Heating

Overview of the Project: The owner and his family felt the pool was cold for them to use especially in the evenings after work and mornings on weekends, wanting to maximize the usage of the pool for both relaxation and for the kids to enjoy.

The owner was keen to ensure and provide ideal desired pool temperatures for the family to have a great time in the pool anytime. A Force 14 was best suited based on the pool size, property and requirements.

Outstanding Results: The Force 14 model was installed by Hydro-Pool Engineering at a neat corner above the pump room that was below the flooring, this allowed a neat install. The cold air that’s discharged to the open provides outstanding efficiency for the client and as well as a nice cool environment too. The J-Box add-on allowed the client to achieve desired pool temperatures at all times and providing excellent running cost savings on the water pump operation.