Pool too cold for your baby?

Swimming with your baby is a wonderful way to have fun with your family but did you know that adults and babies experience water temperatures differently? Although your pool water temperature may seem fine to you, your baby may be feeling very uncomfortable.

It is recommended that you take particular attention to children under the age of 2 years old as water temperatures that are too low or too high could be dangerous for your child.

The ideal pool water temperature for babies is between 31.5°C to 33°C. In Australia the average pool water temperature sits at around 18°C to 20°C, being far too cold to expose a baby to without pool heating.

It is important to know when your baby is too cold in your pool. If you observe your baby shivering or if it seems to be experiencing muscle cramps remove your baby from the water immediately and wrap it up warmly. Body temperature drops more quickly in water so it is important to notice these signs and act quickly to prevent hypothermia and other health issues.


• Check your swimming pool temperature before entering the pool – make sure it is between 31.5°C to 33°C

• Try and keep your babies shoulders under the water & moving about to keep your baby warm - exposure to the cold air may make your baby cold

• If your baby shivers or seems to be having muscle cramps remove your baby from the water immediately and wrap it up warmly

• When leaving the pool, promptly dry and dress your baby as the outside air may feel cooler

Better still, get an EvoHeat swimming pool heat pump installed so you can always ensure the perfect swimming conditions for your young family.

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