Pool & spa heating rebates – is your business eligible?

Did you know that Energex are rewarding businesses for upgrading their electric element spa or pool heater to a more energy efficient solution?

For a limited time, Energex are offering businesses their Positive Payback Business Program reward for upgrading their old electric element spa or pool heater.  By installing an EvoHeat energy efficient spa or pool heat pump your business will be eligible to apply for the Energex Program reward.

The Positive Payback Business Program is an Energex initiative developed to help manage peak demand as an alternative solution to increasing their electricity infrastructure.

Their program offers funding to small, medium and large businesses that are located in an eligible area and install or update equipment/appliances that lower onsite peak electricity demand.  For more information about the Energex Positive Payback Business program click here.

But there's more good news!  Not only will you be rewarded with the Energex incentive, you will also save a ton of money on your future spa or pool heating energy bills too by installing an energy efficient EvoHeat heat pump.

Don't just take our word for it.  Contact us today to find out how EvoHeat can help save you money Ph: 1300 859 933.