Hot Tips for Buying Compact Pools for Urban Homes


In Australia, we love to entertain outside. However, an urban oasis, within 10 kilometres of the CBD and loads of backyard space, is a dream few of us can afford! For those of us who live with compact outdoor entertaining areas, there may be a way to still have a pool, backyard space and still have room to swing a cat! Here's Evoheat's guide to building a functional and aesthetically beautiful outdoor space; that makes the most of compact backyards in urban areas.





Spa Essentials

Simple is best: For the reasons of safety and aesthetic appeal, always keep the spa area uncluttered. A stone or wood decking surrounding the spa area is a great idea. Decorate the surrounding decking, with indigenous plants, that can withstand exposure to the elements. These types of plants are also low maintenance too.


Buy a shade sail or invest in a gazebo: Some sun protection is important, especially in the midst of the scorching Aussie summer. This will assist a pool pump in moderating the temperature of the spa. A gazebo that offers both sun and rain protection is even better, making the spa accessible in all weather conditions.


Buy a reliable and unobtrusive spa heater: Evoheat's Force 5 spa heater is whisper quiet, affordable, energy-efficient compared to other similar products on the market. These pool pumps also offer superior control of temperature settings. Best of all, the Force 5 is so compact, it's perfect for small backyards. Unlike other gigantic pool and spa heaters, it can fit away tidily into a tiny space.





Lifestyle Suitability

Families: with children and a small yard, can still consider a spa as a part of their outdoor entertaining area. Close monitoring and security fences are obviously a must. However, parents generally find that enjoying the spa is a whole family activity. They won't find it a hassle to knee-juggle young tots in the spa.


Older Couples: For retirees and older couples, a warmed up hot tub can be a real blessing on a cold winter's night. Pool heaters have therapeutic and health benefits for chronic, long term conditions such as arthritis.


Young Professionals: Couples, first home owners and young professionals who want to treat themselves, should get a small pool or spa. This is the definition of affordable luxury. Also consider the other important entertainment features such as a sauna, BBQ and day bed, if space permits.


Trends for Urban Aussie Backyards 

Consider a water feature: A small pool or spa can be designed to incorporate a water feature. This can be an eye-catching feature in the backyard, that draws the eyes of visitors.


Dark colours: Consider lining the interior of a small pool with a darker colour, so that it almost takes on a lagoon-like appearance. This combined with some exotic ferns can create the feeling of a backyard tropical oasis.


LED Lights: Light located in the interior of the pool, and also lining the garden or shrubs, can create a spectacular atmosphere during a night time BBQ.


Micro Paving: Create a miniature courtyard with feature stones and paving, or a quaint Japanese garden. This can be a charming way to manifest the atmosphere of a backyard sanctuary, even in a tiny space.


This video demonstrates an innovative way to turn a tiny rooftop terrace into a delightful little Japanese Garden. Of course mounting a pool onto this space would obviously be a challenge!




Getting The Functionality Right 

Most pools range between 1 and 2 metres in depth. However, in a small plunge pool, it's general practice that the shallow end will have more depth than a traditional pool. This allows for a fully refreshing submersion during the hot summer months. This type of pool is suitable for compact backyards. It's also perfect for families with teenage children or couples. When these pools incorporate heating, they can become the primary source of entertaining all year round.


A lap-pool may be appropriate for serious swimmers and those who prefer to get their workout in the water. Lap pools have standardised lane widths and lengths, that need to be followed during construction. Some of these pools may be too large for a small back yard. Therefore, think carefully about whether or not you want the lap pool to completely engulf your tiny backyard.


Temperature moderation with an energy efficient and affordable heat pump is also crucial. It's important to have the right pool heater or spa heater, than can easily be installed and control the temperature to within 1 degree. The Force 5 spa heater from Evoheat, can heat a spa quickly from between 8 – 40 degrees Celsius.


With so much to consider, it's important to evaluate your budget, lifestyle and functionality of the pool itself.


Give Evoheat a call, and get a detailed assessment of your needs, we can help you to make your pool heating come alive!