Future Proofing Your Home Renovation – Part 2


If you followed the helpful hints in last week's article, then you will know that there's plenty of ways that you can reduce your heating and cooling bill by renovating the smart way. Here's a couple more tips that relate directly to heating and cooling products in the home.


Avoid Bar or Oil Heaters


The usual suspects of excessive energy consumption are bar heaters and oil-filled stand-alone heaters, that chew up an enormous amount of electricity. Instead opt for small split-system heaters and air conditioners that are built energy efficient. Evoheat have a number of highly efficient split-system air conditioners and heaters that will fit the bill, speak with Evoheat today on 1300 85 99 33.


Avoid Un-flued Gas Heaters


These are not permitted in some parts of Australia, because they are potentially dangerous in badly ventilated areas. Some un-flued gas heaters have a high star rating, however due to their nature of needing a lot of ventilation to remove combustion fumes – they aren't recommended.


Choose a Split System Air Conditioner


These are ultra efficient, quiet and take up minimal space in the home. A high star-rated split system is great for heating and cooling rooms quickly and efficiently. Speak with Evoheat today about their range of affordable and eco-friendly domestic units.



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Install Energy Efficient Plumbing

This includes energy efficient shower heads, taps and appliances. Choose polyethylene piping for your hot water pipes. This makes the pipes retain more heat and reduce energy costs. If you use shorter pipes and equipment that recirculates on-demand water, you'll get the most value for money.


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Pay Your Renovation Off Quicker

A loan for renovating your home is going to put a big dint in the monthly budget. However, changing and renovating your home to make it more green won't be enough to miraculously witness energy savings (although it does make it easier). The main way to save money and plough it back into the loan, is by changing your household's habits.

1. Take shorter showers: Although we don't advocate forgoing showers completely, that would be too hard on everybody around you. Even with a two minute shower, you need to still wash under your armpits! :)

2. Wash clothes in cold water: and do full loads not paltry half ones.

3. Set the thermostat lower in winter and higher in summer: And switch it off when you're not around.

4. Buy GreenPower

5. Buy good quality heating and cooling appliances with a longer life: Such as Evoheat's home and commercial heating units for hot water, space and swimming pools. They are affordable, energy-efficient and come with a 12 year warranty on the titanium heating coils.


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Evoheat have a many insightful techniques for integrating heating and cooling systems into your home renovation. They are the heating and cooling specialists that all of Australia turns to – speak with them today on 1300 85 99 33.