Future Proofing Your Home Renovation – Part 1


Are you building or renovating a new home? Then be savings and energy savvy. After all, you could plough all of that extra money back into your mortgage and have it paid off in double time! Also known as future proofing your home. By getting into positive habits now, you'll create a better lifestyle in the future. These all sound like grandiose ideas, but how is this possible? Read on to find out!


Stay Ahead in the Green Housing Market


Before starting your renovation, you should plan and consider your costs effectively. There's plenty of tools out there for renovation self-starters, such as the Royal Australian Institute of Architects' Cost Guide, download it here.


Keep ahead of the renovation game, by using the most recent innovations in housing and construction. This will give you further leverage on the housing market, if you decide to sell your place later on down the track.


Green Loans


Did you know that it's possible to get a green loan at a reduced rate, if your home conforms to certain environmental and building practices? This can be an incentive to opt for an energy-efficient home in Australia. You should certainly find out more about this.


Space Planning Tips


Enlist the help of a designer when planning out a new home or renovation. Also remember not to build bigger than you need. After all, you'll end up heating, cooling and maintaining this additional space.


North-Facing Living Areas


Unless you live above the Tropic of Capricorn, then you'll need to consider a renovation that makes the most of north-facing light. Windows that face north get the most natural light in Australia. Harness this happiness-bringing light and the attendant warmth benefits for your home.


Group Wet Areas Together


Situate the hot water system close to your shower, bathroom and laundry facilities, for optimum energy efficiency. This saves on the amount of plumbing you use throughout the property. Therefore, there's less heat loss from plumbing getting to different parts of the home.


Insulation Made from Recycled Materials


Insulation made from recycled materials is often just as competitively priced as standard insulation, yet are just as effective. Using recyclable materials means that the building of your home is sustainable and therefore greener. This could a unique selling point, should you wish to one day sell your home.


Choose Energy-Efficient Glass


Glass will on average let out ten times more heat during winter; and let in 100 times more heat during summer. Although using glass wisely during a renovation, means that you can make the most of its light-giving properties.


To cancel out glass's vulnerable qualities, you can do several things. Shade or tint to your skylight and north-facing windows. By doing so, you block out heat during summer, and still get heat coming in during winter. Alternately, you could also invest in thick, heavy curtains, that will insulate the glass.



Source: http://pixabay.com/en/design-3d-room-poster-70237/


For more essential tips on saving money during your home renovation, check back with us next week, as we explore the intricacies of planning heating and cooling for your renovation.


In the meantime, here's an interesting TED video about using reclaimed items when renovating your home. We hope you find inspiration. Enjoy!



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