Four Ways to Child Proof Your Pool

Summer is just around the corner. With this is mind there's never been a better time to get your kids up to date with swimming lessons, and to practice home pool safety with them, in preparation for the season ahead. If you happen to have a heated pool, here's some great tips for keeping it ready for the pitter-patter of kids feet.

Safety Tips for Babies

In terms of parenting, we're sure you've read lots of manuals and heard lots of scary stories. Enough to keep you lying awake at night sometimes. There's no need to reinforce these things here then. Drowning is obviously a very big concern for pool owning parents. Fortunately enough, there's plenty of swim schools in Australia, that cater to kids, toddlers and even tiny babies. Below is a video of one such water baby, who has learnt potentially life-saving skills in the water. This can be an invaluable tool for kids that will last them a lifetime – and they seem to enjoy the water too!

...What a happy kid!

If you would prefer to get a floatation device, there's plenty designed for newborns up to the toddler age. These allow them to acclimatise to the water at their own pace, within the safety of a harness.

Heated Pools are Essential for Infants

Water temperatures below 29°C are not recommended for young children and babies. They will lose heat quickly because of their small body mass. This can lead to hypothermia, where body temperature drops below normal. Before swimming in your pool with your young one, adjust the thermostat a few hours prior to the swim, to ensure optimal conditions. If your baby has been exposed to water colder than 29°C, and shows signs of hypothermia such as blue lips and shivering, then remove them from the water immediately, and keep them wrapped in a warm dry towel.

Preventing Swimmers Ear

Babies and toddlers are susceptible to ear infections from the water. However it's possible to avoid this with a thorough towel dry of the ear area, and by using tiny cotton balls to gently coax out any excess water. Following the swimming lesson in the pool, use a mild soap and shampoo in the bath, to remove pool water from their bodies.

Get Some Waterproof Nappies

Potty training babies takes some time and patience. In the meantime, you can get them some waterproof nappies for their early swimming lessons. This is really important, as normal nappies won't prevent the spread of bacteria into the pool from leaking nappies. A nasty little micro-organism called cryptosporidium when it's released out of a baby's nappy, can cause diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting for other swimmers.

An Eagle Eye

Although swimming lessons for older children do reduce the risk of drowning, they don't eliminate it completely. For every day of fun by the pool, make sure an adult is there to watch over the children. Here's another water baby and her amazing trek from one side of the pool to the other! Well done kid!


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