Now you can control your EvoHeat pool heater from anywhere in the world. Ready, warm and waiting for your arrival. Doesn't that sound hot?

 The EvoHeat smartphone app allows pool owners to have the perfect pool temperature no matter where they are.  The perfect pool temperature is at their fingertips, with the ability to remotely control their EvoHeat pool heater via their smartphone or tablet.

-  The EvoHeat app allows pool owners to remotely:

- Turn the pool heater ON/OFF

- Set multiple timers

- Increase/decrease the pool temperature

- Record the last 30 days of pool heating data

- Receive heater alerts and messages

- Allow remote control access by a technician

The smartphone app helps pool owners optimise their energy efficiency further by knowing exactly what time of the day to set their timers.  The app stores the last 30 days of pool heating data, so they can see when their heat pump is running.  This allows owners to adjust their timers to run during off peak periods or maximise their solar panels during the day.

The EvoHeat app also provides better backup support by allowing an EvoHeat technician to remotely access their heat pump and its control system for diagnostics and fine turning (upon the customer’s request).

The EvoHeat app is a standard feature in all DHP-R Series and is available for upgrade on the Fusion & Force Series.  The EvoHeat app is available free to download from your iOS or Android device.

EvoHeat have YouTube videos available to help customers set up their pool heater app.