EvoHeat Going Global!

Travis McNeill and Tony Mills began the Evo Industries Australia business back in 2006 with very little expectations. It was a side project aimed to help both men support their growing families and keep them from getting bored during their day jobs.

Fast forward more than 10 years and Evo Industries Australia, better known as EvoHeat has become one of the industry leading specialists in pool and spa heating technology.

Earlier this year, EvoHeat were involved in the largest heat pump installation in Australia with 19 EvoHeat CS200 GEN2 heat pumps installed at WhiteWater World. Now over 30 slides, water-rides and pools are being heated year-round to a comfortable 27 degrees using EvoHeat’s energy efficient heap pump technology designed to provide Dreamworld with a massive 3,610kW heating capacity. This heating upgrade now saves Dreamworld over 70 percent on their annual water heating costs and cuts their existing carbon emissions by over 35 percent.

“The last few years have been particularly good for us. We have added new products to our EvoHeat range and also started up a sister company, Evo Energy Technologies, that provides top line cogeneration and trigeneration products into the Australian market. We have moved to a large warehouse to cope with the growing demand and employed more staff by extending our sales team, employing a full time Technical Support Manager, Marketing team and also a General Manager of our 270 Series hot water system range. We are already making plans to expand our Brisbane Head office and warehouse to cater for the growth”, General Manager, Travis McNeill said.

It’s not just the Australian market that has kept Evo Industries Australia busy, with a number of large heating projects also taking place in South East Asia.

“We have seen an increase in pool heating requests from overseas, particularly in the last few years. Just recently the Kuala Lumpur Aquatic Centre required a major upgrade of their pools in preparation of the SEA and Asean Para Games. Evo were contracted to upgrade their diving pool, 50m swimming pool and their training pool with our heat pump technology. One of the unique benefits of our heat pump technology is the ability to cool as well as heat which makes our product more versatile especially for aquatic and sporting facilities”, National Business Manager, Tony Mills said.

Due to their high demand, especially in South East Asia, Mr. McNeill & Mr. Mills have made the strategic business decision to expand their business with the launch of their expansion company, Evo Industries Singapore. The new branch will officially launch later this month, with their head office based in Beach Road, Singapore.

“We are extremely excited about the possibilities that Evo Industries Singapore offers. Having an office based in Singapore allows us to readily reach more of our customers. Over the last decade we have seen exponential growth and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon”, says Mr. McNeill.