Evo Energy Technologies Set To Launch Biogas CHP at All-Energy Australia in October

After the Abbott government's controversial carbon tax repeal, there is a general consensus in the clean energy industry that businesses need to innovate and collaborate or fail.

Australian-owned and run company Evo Energy Technologies would like to propose a solution: Biogas Cogeneration.

Biogas Cogeneration is suitable for use in food processing facilities, livestock and dairy farms, agribusinesses; and also food waste and treatment facilities.

This technology is currently used in more than 3,000 facilities across the world and provides 40% more energy efficiency compared to ultra low efficient micro turbines.

The commercial and environmental benefits of this technology are enormous. Biogas CHP has up to 90% energy efficiency resulting in low carbon emissions. It diverts organic waste from landfill.

Decentralised power generation means less reliance on the national grid. Therefore biogas CHP is a highly reliable and sustainable energy solution.

Evo Energy Technologies Set To Launch Biogas CHP at All-Energy Australia in October

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Evo Energy Technologies partnered with the German company 2G this year to bring world-class biogas cogeneration to Australia for the first time.

Biogas CHP is available from EvoET in fully customisable configurations between 50kWe to 3,000 kWe, with larger sizes available on request.

In the post-carbon repeal environment, the clean energy industry urgently needs innovative projects to be established.

Evo Energy Technologies are one of the innovators and change-makers appearing at All-Energy Australia 2014.

They will showcase their cogeneration technology to agribusinesses, waste and food treatment clients. Along with their other core energy reclaim solutions.

Their goal as exhibitors is provide reliable, long-term power generation solutions that are low emission, commercially viable and environmentally sound. A triple win.

Evo Energy Technologies look forward to forging beneficial partnerships at All-Energy Australia 2014 that will allow consumers and businesses greater control over how they source their electricity.

Come and visit EvoET at the All-Energy Australia conference in Melbourne on the 15th-16th of October 2014, Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre.