Eight Reasons to Do An Energy Saving Spring Clean!


The smell of spring is in the air. There's aromatic wafts of eucalyptus in the air. And colourful birds cavorting with each other in the trees. So naturally your thoughts turn towards a home spring clean – rather than sitting in the backyard with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Naturally!


Here's some spring cleaning ideas with a difference from Evoheat. They involve starting a commitment towards energy saving as well as tidying up the house. For more handy tips on energy saving, see our previous blog post: Future Proofing Your Home Renovation.


Smarter Sustainable Living with Evoheat


Now that the weather is warming up, it's a good time to switch a more efficient heating and cooling system. Consider turfing out the oil heater in your place and getting an energy-saving system from Evoheat. Then lower the thermostat on it by 1 degree to see a 10% reduction in your heating bill.


Evoheat's products use refrigerants that are recognised by international certification (ISO9001) for carbon emissions. We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. That's why we're registered under the Australian Government’s Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Act. Our heating and cooling units for home and business are up to 600% more energy efficient compared to gas and electric element heaters. Speak with Evoheat today for a free energy assessment for your home on 1300 85 99 33.


Energy Efficient Light Globes


Getting new energy efficient light globes will mean the reduction of energy use from between a third to 80%. Nowadays, there's an enormous range of halogen globes and LED lights. These last on average ten times longer than conventional globes, yet are a fraction of the cost.


Here's a weird but fabulous idea! An urban designer and architect called Mitchell Joachim talks here about his vision for the future of housing. Organic, eco-friendly abodes made from plants and even – err – synthetically grown meat. Yes it's finally happened. We will all live in meat houses in the future. The mind boggles!


Source: http://www.ted.com/talks/mitchell_joachim_don_t_build_your_home_grow_it.html


Refrigerator Revamp


Back to spring cleaning! It's also a good idea to vacuum your refrigerator coil. Dust that builds up on refrigerator coils, makes your fridge work harder to stay cool. Make sure that the fridge is switched off before attempting to clean it. Another important aspect of fridge maintenance, is making sure that the fridge seals are working properly. Ineffective seals on fridges and freezers can spell disaster for perishable food. A loose seal can cause your fridge to work harder and ultimately make the motor break down.


Dust off Electronics


Including light globes, bulbs and air vents. This will help these infrastructure elements to run in the most energy-efficient way.


Use a Power Bar


This isn't a type of weight lifted in the gym. Rather it's a simple device that allows you to connect all of your home appliances into the one unit. This means the TV, computer and entertainment system can all be powered off when you're not around. Doing this saves an enormous amount on the electricity bill, around 10% in total. Sometimes, it's the simplest changes that work best!


Be Clothes Drier Conscious

At least twice a year, clean out the drier's ducts. A blocked duct causes your drier to work inefficiently. Also if there is a filter, it's a good idea to take it out and inspect it. If the filter looks old or tattered, get a new one. Alternately, it may be possible to clean off the gunk that accumulates on the filter and pop the same one back in. A clothes drier will chew up the most energy, for the most unnecessary reason. Your clothes can dry clothes naturally with air and sunlight after all, it just takes longer. By hanging clothes out on the washing line, you'll be cutting greenhouse gases and saving on energy too.



Source: http://pixabay.com/en/sponge-sponges-clean-colorful-many-52113/


Now the Fun Part: Cleaning Your Oven


This is the item on the chores list that always seems to get bottom posting. Just know that doing this annoying task will make your oven more energy efficient and therefore cheaper to run. This is even more important if you give your oven a regular workout; or you're a budding Masterchef in the making.


Instead of using the oven's self-clean function – why not make your own oven cleaner using non-toxic ingredients. Everyday products can be mixed together for a potent oven cleaner, like liquid soap, bicarbonate of soda, water and white vinegar. Creating your own cleaning products from household items is a great way to save money on cleaning products, while also using items that are non-toxic when they're flushed down the drain. Here's an infographic from The Mindful Word, with some great recipes for home made cleaning products.


Source: http://prafulla.net/wp-content/sharenreadfiles/2013/02/387890/green-clean-your-home_infographic-676x1024.jpg


Check Door and Window Seals


If you have a seal at your door waving his shiny, spotted body around the place, of course you will let him in won't you? We're actually talking about a different type of door and window seal. When these don't work and have annoying gaps, it's like throwing money out the window on heating and cooling. A sliding door track that's full of gunk and dirt won't be effective in maintaining the internal temperature of the home. The same thing happens with rattling windows. Inspecting door and window seals and replacing them can potentially save you 20% on your heating bill.


Source: http://pixabay.com/en/seal-seals-north-sea-nordfriesland-51057/


Home energy spring cleaning is all well and good, but if your home heating and cooling system has one foot in the grave, then you will be fighting a losing battle. Lucky for you that there's Evoheat. We can provide an affordable space and water heater for your home that will be proven return on investment and asset to your family home. Speak with us about home heating and cooling products today on 1300 85 99 33.