Brunswick Backyard Bliss Courtesy of Evoheat and Compass Pools

This backyard lap pool is contemporary and stunning and ties in with the chic surroundings of this home in Brunswick, Victoria.

The owners wanted a pool with a reliable, comfortable heating capacity that would mean they could exercise all year round. Evoheat's Force Series 25kW spa heater was a fine addition to the construction. This offered the family heating and cooling between 8°C to 40°C and variation to within 1 degree with the one-touch LED controller. So quiet and small that it's possible to forget its there, the Force 25 is a wonderful addition to this dream pool.

[caption id="attachment_5518" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Brunswick Backyard Bliss Courtesy of Evoheat and Compass Pools Brunswick domestic pool pump by Evoheat, pool by Compass Pools[/caption]

The 12.3m x 2.8m lap pool itself was installed by Compass Pools. The whole installation needed to be swift as there was a block of apartments about to be built next door at the time, which was the builders' only access point to the homeowners' backyard. However all went to plan with an installation of the PCC-2000 Vantage in-floor cleaning system, Lincoln chlorinator, a Baker hydro pump and a Zelbrite sand filter. The atmospheric lighting was created by Spa Electrics LED lights, which were installed for added visual appeal.


We think you will agree that this lagoon-like sanctuary is well worth a swim at any time of year. With top-quality fittings and pool equipment the project more than fulfilled the home-owner's expectations.


Evoheat will keep your backyard pool inviting and swim-ready 365 days a year, with industry-leading domestic and commercial pool heating that's loved across Australasia.