2014 Has Been Evo’s Year. New Products, New Sister Company, New Premises.

When Tony Mills and Travis McNeil of Evo Industries first started out in 2006, they had simple expectations. As a side project, the business was designed for provide additional income for their growing families and keep both men from getting bored doing their day jobs.

[caption id="attachment_5408" align="aligncenter" width="640"]2014 Has Been A Massive Year For Evoheat...Here's What We've Been Up To! Travis and Tony being presented with an award for most Environmentally Friendly Project at the SPLASH! Conference/Awards 2014.[/caption]

All Grist For The Mill

Fast-forward eight years and Evo Industries has experienced stable, exponential growth. In fiscal terms growth has been 40% year on year. According to Co-Director McNeil:

“We could have gone much faster, if we were prepared to take a 'damn the torpedoes' approach and gone high risk. We have grown steadily without undue leverage or financing. This has been great as we have a strong balance sheet and low debt. We can go to sleep at night not worrying about bills!”

Looking Ahead

Evo Industries now have two sister businesses. Evoheat is focused on heat pump technology and creating energy-efficient and high quality heat pumps for many industries, saving businesses money and carbon emissions.   Evo Energy Technologies is the newest brand, which is uniquely placed to provide exceptional cogeneration and trigeneration products into the Australian market. This technology comes from US-German global company 2G. It's unlike anything else ever seen before in Australia. With 3,000 successful plant installations throughout the world and billions of dollars collectively saved by these cogeneration plants, now it's Australia's turn to experience savings. To stay in the loop, like us on Linked In

New Industry Ventures

EvoET have launched an exciting Biogas cogeneration plant in 2014. This is designed for the waste management, food processing, farming and agribusiness sectors. This places Evo Energy Technology at the forefront of these industries with their proven, high-quality energy reclaim technology.   Along with biogas cogen, Evo now sell natural gas cogeneration power plants and trigeneration as well. The numbers speak for themselves with this incredible product.

  • 30% higher total efficiency compared to micro turbines.
  • 10% higher system availability compared to competitors.
  • Best in class electrical efficiency. 43.7% for the Avus1000c
  • The 2G GBox50 has a total efficiency of 103% (34.5% electrical and 68.5% thermal efficiency)
  • Sizes range from 20kWe to 4000kWe

According to Co-Director Travis McNeil, Evo Energy Technologies are currently “working with clients to develop some highly some highly innovative and cutting edge projects which will shape the energy and efficiency industry for many years to come.”

[caption id="attachment_5407" align="aligncenter" width="640"]2014 Has Been A Massive Year For Evoheat...Here's What We've Been Up To! The new Evo Energy Technologies logo[/caption]

Touch and Experience Our New Products First-Hand

Come and visit us at the All-Energy Australia Expo in October and then the Government Sustainability Expo in Sydney in November. Evo Energy Technologies will have their core products on display including these exhibitions. Or you could take our feasibility assessment right now.

We're Expanding

After the creation of our sister company Evo Energy Technologies, we inevitably needed more room. So we've expanded offices. Our new office and warehouse in Sydney will pick up some of the slack from our choc-a-bloc warehouse in Queensland that's packed to the rafters. This second new modern facility will allow us to become more efficient and responsive.

Come in, say hi and view our new warehouse at 18 Hasp Street 17 Mile Rocks, Queensland 4073!