CS SERIESpool and spa heaters



Olympians, water waders and facility managers will adore the CS Series. A tried and trusted commercial pool heater that’s able to save businesses tens of thousands a year. Expect innovative and intelligent commercial pool heating with one touch precision and high-end performance. EvoHeat designed for the harsh Australian climate with forward thinking technology and lower carbon emissions.


Our CS series heat pump is ideal for sports and leisure centers, logistics, aquaculture, agriculture, water parks, hotels, resort, apartments and office builds – there is no job too big for The EvoHeat CS series! Some brands claim outlandish efficiencies but can’t back it up with performance or proof. Our C.O.P.’s are backed up by verified test reports in audited test laboratories, and we back our equipment to outperform the competition every time. But don’t just take our word for it – check out our savings to expect.

  • Heating and cooling
  • Electroinc expansion valve (EEV)
  • Exclusive ripple fin technology
  • Reverse cycle defrost
  • Double coil titanium heat exchangers for optimal performance
  • Corrison resistant steel cabinet
  • Six different heaters with ranges between 38kW to 200 kW with custom options up to 1600 kW.
  • A chassis with Electrophoretic Epoxy Plus powder coating, for optimum corrosion protection with stainless steel alternatives are also available
  • Unparalleled energy efficiency
  • Impeccable ROI


C.O.P. as high as 5.79

Some brands claim outlandish efficiencies but can’t back it up with performance or proof. Our C.O.P.’s are backed up by verified test reports in audited test laboratories, and we back our equipment to outperform the competition every time. Our new GEN 2 series of CS Heat Pumps have C.O.P.’s of up to 5.79 at 24-degree air, and over 5.0 at 15 Degrees.

Bulletproof Reliability

With components from the world’s premier HVAC component suppliers such as:

•Carel Italy

•Copeland USA

•Sanyo Japan

•Zeihl Abegg Germany

•Refco Switzerland

•Saigonomaya Japan

You can be certain that the CS range is built to perform and keep on performing.

R410a and High Spec Compressors

10-15% lower running costs - this could mean thousands of dollars each year in savings.

EEV – Electronic Expansion Valve

The most advanced refrigeration control available. Constant real time monitoring and adjustment of the refrigeration system to maximise the unit output. TX valve systems come close but cannot match. Capillary systems perform very poorly in very warm or cold weather – up to 30% lower. LOWER RUNNING TIMES = LOWER COSTS AND EXTENDED UNIT LIFE

Double Coil Titanium Heat Exchanger

The CS series comes with premium performance Sanyo or Copeland compressors and patented super high volume “Maxflo” condensers with “Bluetec” hydrophilic coated fins.

Thermotec defrost AND reverse cycle defrost

When the weather turns colder all heat pumps will suffer from frost and ice buildup on the condenser fins. Evoheat’s Twin defrost systems ensure the CS is heating far more often than other brands. Reverse cycle or hot gas injection defrost cools your pool while its melting the ice – the exact opposite of what you want the pool heater to do when it’s cold! Don’t waste time and energy. Keep on heating when other brands are choked with ice and cooling the pool.

V-Style Evaporator

The V-style evaporator provides improvements to defrost performance and reduced unit size.

Corrosion-Resistant Steel Cabinet

The CS Series has a corrosion-resistant powder-coated galvanized steel cabinet: the chassis is treated with “Epoxy Plus” powder coating to prevent corrosion. A stainless-steel chassis and cabinet are available as an optional upgrade.

Direct Connect

Designed for very high flow rates and low pressure drops: this allows our CS units to be directly connected to the filtration circuit and pump. Either way our units have much lower resistance which means lower pumping costs even if connected to a pumped side stream configuration.

Powerful Control Interface

•The Tarrif+ control system is a comprehensive timer system that controls the start and stop times of the CS. Operate the CS heater when the most competitive power prices are available and save thousands in operating costs.

•The CS can turn the circulation pump on and off as needed, reducing costs and keep the pool at the required temp using the inbuilt Testlogic system

•Wire controller is able to be mounted away (up to 200m) from the heater. View the system from a convenient location such as the plant room or supervisor office.

•Super simple to use with very high level functionality

•Heating, cooling or automatic mode – auto mode will keep the pool at the desired temp regardless of whether it needs heating or cooling.

•Fully adjustable defrost parameters – optimise the defrost performance to ensure maximum heating capacity.

•Detailed sensor readouts and numerous adjustable settings.

Rigorous QC control and testing

Before they even get the green light to be used in our systems, every component of an EvoHeat heat pump is put through a comprehensive raft of tests to ensure the equipment is capable of meeting the requirements of our customers. Whether it’s exposing our electrical control equipment to hundreds of hours of operation at 70 °C and -20 °C, cycling switchgear and components though millions of operations, to testing the quality of the paint finishes by repeated wet and dry cycles in a salt bath for 6,000 cycles you can be certain they are tested to the limit.

Once through the first stage of testing and assembled to form our superior quality heat pumps, the finished equipment is again subjected to comprehensive testing to ensure correct operation.

EvoHeat Advanced CAM Package

Integrate the CS Range into a Building Management System for high level control, monitoring and reporting. Our Advanced CAM package (Controls and Monitoring) gives you access to all the key metrics to not only operational performance but can also be used to identify and/or verify any energy saving initiatives implemented.



Our pool heat evaluation tool makes the most of computer modelling technology. We can provide you with an analysis
of projected savings and a cost comparison report which will demonstrate the superiority of Evoheat's range.

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The tarrif + timer system is an upgrade option for the CS Series. The tarrif + timer system allows you to program 4 time zones, and select 2 of these time zones each day. This allows you to run the heater during off peak electricity periods, and on weekends (which are usually always off peak) to run the heater during the day when its warmer and more efficient.

Heat output at 24 deg air 26 deg water (kW)384757
Heat output at 15 deg air 26 deg water (kW)314048
Cooling output at 35 deg air 30 deg water (kW)21.628.236
Power input at 24 deg air (kW)7.048.7410.75
Power supply415/3/50415/3/50415/3/50
C.O.P. at 24 deg air (380/415 volts 3 phase)5.35.385.3
*Max running current AMPS13.819.1225.1
Compressor typeScrollScrollScroll
PVC water connection (mm)505050
Water flow rate (L/min)200250325
Noise dB(A) at 2M616161
Shipping dimensions LxWxH (mm)1570/815/12701570/815/12701570/815/1270
Unit dimensions LxWxH1490/735/11301490/735/11301490/735/1130
Weight packed/unpacked (kg)270/244300/270300/270


Large-scale businesses stand to save the most by switching to EvoHeat commercial pool heating. Compared to gas heating, EvoHeat can save a business in excess of 50%. For a large commercial swimming pool heated to 27°C this can be over $45,000 per year!


Save $45,000 or more per year compared to gas pool heating. *Based on heating an Olympic-sized swimming pool to 27°C 24/7


SeriesTitanium Heat ExchangerCompressorsPartsOn-site labour
CS Series15 years5 years2 years1 year

For further peace of mind EvoHeat offer an industry leading warranty of 15 years on the CS titanium heat exchanger, 5 years on compressors, 2 years on all parts and 1 year on site labour. EvoHeat have a comprehensive network of specialist service agents nationally to ensure maximum equipment uptime. Spare parts are kept in stock in the extremely unlikely event that they are required.

Get a no obligation and free assessment of your site, and see if the CS Series or another unit is suitable for your needs. Call 1300 859 933.


“Being a swim school owner, one of the most important things about running a learn to swim centre is having consistency in water temperature no matter the outside air temperature. I have investigated lots of different pool heating options including solar heating, other heat pumps and even waste oil heating but nothing comes close to the EvoHeat heat pumps. Over the years I struggled with gaining consistency in pool temperature until I installed my EvoHeat CS 38 in my Boambee Swim Centre over 12 months ago. My EvoHeat CS 38 heats my pool efficiently, without any issues and I couldn’t be happier. In fact, I am so happy with it that I recently installed another two EvoHeat CS 38 heat pumps in my new Moonee Swim Centre. The level of service, experience and back up support that was provided by the EvoHeat staff was absolutely brilliant – I highly recommend EvoHeat to anyone looking at pool heating!”


“Our EvoHeat CS pool heaters are fantastic; we use them in our entire swimming centres. What really blew me away was the level of exceptional customer service which the guys at Evo provided. From the moment I placed the order right through to final installation they took care of everything without delay. I cannot recommend them enough”.