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Evo Energy To Turn Heat Green at WhiteWaterWorld

Mother Nature has been serving up some of the steamiest temperatures on record but it’s hot new advances in water heating technology that are set to soar at WhiteWater World.

In March 2017, we will dive into one of the largest water heating installations in Australia with a cutting-edge system upgrade cementing WhiteWater World as one of the most energy efficient water parks on the planet.

Located right next door to Dreamworld, the Gold Coast’s youngest theme park features ground breaking technology to deliver splashtacular fun to hundreds of thousands of guests every year and the fun doesn’t dip when the mercury drops.

Our Evo Energy’s redesign will continue to heat over 30 slides, water-rides and pools to a toasty 27 degrees while cutting existing carbon emissions by over 35 percent.

General Manager Park Operations Dreamworld, WhiteWater World, Troy Margetts says on top of environmental benefits, the technology’s smart control and monitoring capabilities will boost operational efficiencies as well.

“The EvoHeat CS200-GEN2 technology will allow us to monitor and remotely control all aspects of the water heating plant to ensure maximum comfort for our guests all year round,” Mr Margetts said.

Director EvoEnergy Travis McNeill says 19 high-performance EvoHeat heat pumps will provide up to 3,610kW heating capacity, unparalleled energy efficiency and a reduction in running costs of over 70 percent.

“The financial savings over the existing gas boiler system are phenomenal. Our technology is incredibly economic and has helped pave the way for sustainable heat pump technology in Australia, slashing running costs and cutting carbon emissions for thousands of homes and commercial businesses,” Mr McNeill said.

Various trades including hydraulic engineers, plumbers, electricians, BMS/Controls specialists, civil works contractors, laborers, gas technicians and design draftsman will converge on WhiteWater World with Australia’s largest water heating installation due for completion in May.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!


Overcoming The Financial Challenges of Retrofits

There are many examples where timely financial funding for new builds or retrofits have enabled local government and commercial enterprises to undertake a green and sustainable building projects. Financial constraints are often one of the only reasons for a project being slow off the starting gun. Here’s how Evo Energy Technologies joined forces with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Cardinia Life Leisure Centre

With the aid of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and Evo Energy Technologies the Cardinia Life leisure centre project was able to be completed.

Cardinia Life is a leisure facility in Pakenham, Victoria. The facility was reponsible for a massive 26% of the council’s total emission profile or 2,325 tonnes. To mitigate against this, the Cardinia City Council engaged Evo Energy Technologies to provision a cogeneration plant and to upgrade their facilities for maximum energy efficiency and cost savings.

Evo Energy Technologies installed a Miraclegen MC247N-SC CHP unit with a electrical output of 135kW and thermal output of 210kW.

Remote monitoring and optimal control will be easily achieved via ComAp’s Intellimonitor and Websupervisor systems. This means that the system can be closely monitored from any computer or smartphone device, from anywhere in the world.

Overcoming The Financial Challenges of Retrofits

Image Source

The total project is anticipated to save:

  • $111,000 per year in energy costs
  • 1,224 tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions per year (or the equivalent annual emissions of over 300 cars).

By reducing the operational cost of the facility, the council reduces the centre’s cost to ratepayers while significantly reducing the centre’s carbon emissions.

This was an incredible success story for the CEFC (then known as Low Carbon Australia) and Cardinia City Council who were able to secure a grant for the project from the Community Energy Efficiency Project. The implementation of the project by head contractor Evo Energy Technologies went off without a hitch.

Although the council undertook the upgrade with the combination of its own funds and the CEFC grant, the project wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the CEFC.

Read more

CEFC: Cogeneration Delivers Leisure Centre Energy Savings

Evo Energy Technologies: Cardinia Life Aquatic Centre


Why Drill For Gas When You Can Just Make It?

Fiona Waterhouse of Utilitas (Evo Energy Technologies’ partner provider) spoke with the Northern Star about why Australia is long overdue for a biogas revolution.

Imagine a future where instead of drilling for gas, we could “create” gas from existing waste products such as sewage and food scraps.That future is already commonplace in Europe, according to biogas expert and entrepreneur Fiona Waterhouse, and the Northern Rivers has the capacity to become a biogas powerhouse.

Yesterday Ms Waterhouse’s Brisbane-based company Utilitas pledged $1 million worth of expertise to create plans for five investment-ready biogas plants for our region. Biogas is a form of energy production which takes industrial and agricultural waste products and transforms them into gas for localised heating and electricity.

The energy stored in biomass is called bioenergy – e.g. food waste, sewage – essentially a mix of carbs, proteins and fats.
Can be used to create heating, cooling and electricity – even transport fuel. A biogas plant creates a “closed-loop process” to power the plants which produce the waste then reusing the waste – less waste, lower power costs. The major technologies are mature, proven and widely deployed in other parts of the world. It’s used extensively in Germany where there are 8000 such plants, and even created a competitive “spot market” for waste products.

In Sweden, one municipal council in a town of 150,000 people uses a biogas plant to run their car fleet. “If you were to go into a primary school in Germany and ask them how their local swimming pool is heated, there’d be hands up everywhere saying ‘biogas plant‘,” Ms Waterhouse said. “There’s biogas plants on every farm… it’s a mainstream energy source.” Yet Australia has only 30 such plants and the regulatory framework is still in its infancy, despite having ready access to proven technology from Europe.

Why Drill For Gas When You Can Just Make It?
A biogas bus in Linköping, Sweden

Image Source

How It Works

  • A biogas plant is basically a giant stomach
  • Put mix of protein, carb, fat, in macerator (mouth)
  • Goes into in-feed system (throat)
  • Through to mix in your digester (stomach) at 37 degrees.
  • Output is 55-70% methane; remainder is “digestate” which can be used as an organic fertiliser.

Republished with the permission of Northern Star. Originally published in the Northern Star. Article written by Hamish Broome.

Harvesting Energy From Coffee

At Kraft Foods UK they use the Agenitor 306 to produce energy from coffee. This saves a whopping 1,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

Why Drill For Gas When You Can Just Make It?

Find out more about the diverse capabilities of the Agenitor Series here.


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2014 Has Been Evo’s Year. New Products, New Sister Company, New Premises.

When Tony Mills and Travis McNeil of Evo Industries first started out in 2006, they had simple expectations. As a side project, the business was designed for provide additional income for their growing families and keep both men from getting bored doing their day jobs.

2014 Has Been A Massive Year For Evoheat...Here's What We've Been Up To!
Travis and Tony being presented with an award for most Environmentally Friendly Project at the SPLASH! Conference/Awards 2014.

All Grist For The Mill

Fast-forward eight years and Evo Industries has experienced stable, exponential growth. In fiscal terms growth has been 40% year on year. According to Co-Director McNeil:

“We could have gone much faster, if we were prepared to take a ‘damn the torpedoes’ approach and gone high risk. We have grown steadily without undue leverage or financing. This has been great as we have a strong balance sheet and low debt. We can go to sleep at night not worrying about bills!”

Looking Ahead

Evo Industries now have two sister businesses. Evoheat is focused on heat pump technology and creating energy-efficient and high quality heat pumps for many industries, saving businesses money and carbon emissions.   Evo Energy Technologies is the newest brand, which is uniquely placed to provide exceptional cogeneration and trigeneration products into the Australian market. This technology comes from US-German global company 2G. It’s unlike anything else ever seen before in Australia. With 3,000 successful plant installations throughout the world and billions of dollars collectively saved by these cogeneration plants, now it’s Australia’s turn to experience savings. To stay in the loop, like us on Linked In

New Industry Ventures

EvoET have launched an exciting Biogas cogeneration plant in 2014. This is designed for the waste management, food processing, farming and agribusiness sectors. This places Evo Energy Technology at the forefront of these industries with their proven, high-quality energy reclaim technology.   Along with biogas cogen, Evo now sell natural gas cogeneration power plants and trigeneration as well. The numbers speak for themselves with this incredible product.

  • 30% higher total efficiency compared to micro turbines.
  • 10% higher system availability compared to competitors.
  • Best in class electrical efficiency. 43.7% for the Avus1000c
  • The 2G GBox50 has a total efficiency of 103% (34.5% electrical and 68.5% thermal efficiency)
  • Sizes range from 20kWe to 4000kWe

According to Co-Director Travis McNeil, Evo Energy Technologies are currently “working with clients to develop some highly some highly innovative and cutting edge projects which will shape the energy and efficiency industry for many years to come.”

2014 Has Been A Massive Year For Evoheat...Here's What We've Been Up To!
The new Evo Energy Technologies logo

Touch and Experience Our New Products First-Hand

Come and visit us at the All-Energy Australia Expo in October and then the Government Sustainability Expo in Sydney in November. Evo Energy Technologies will have their core products on display including these exhibitions. Or you could take our feasibility assessment right now.

We’re Expanding

After the creation of our sister company Evo Energy Technologies, we inevitably needed more room. So we’ve expanded offices. Our new office and warehouse in Sydney will pick up some of the slack from our choc-a-bloc warehouse in Queensland that’s packed to the rafters. This second new modern facility will allow us to become more efficient and responsive.

Come in, say hi and view our new warehouse at 18 Hasp Street 17 Mile Rocks, Queensland 4073!



Evo Energy Technologies Set To Launch Biogas CHP at All-Energy Australia in October

After the Abbott government’s controversial carbon tax repeal, there is a general consensus in the clean energy industry that businesses need to innovate and collaborate or fail.

Australian-owned and run company Evo Energy Technologies would like to propose a solution: Biogas Cogeneration.

Biogas Cogeneration is suitable for use in food processing facilities, livestock and dairy farms, agribusinesses; and also food waste and treatment facilities.

This technology is currently used in more than 3,000 facilities across the world and provides 40% more energy efficiency compared to ultra low efficient micro turbines.

The commercial and environmental benefits of this technology are enormous. Biogas CHP has up to 90% energy efficiency resulting in low carbon emissions. It diverts organic waste from landfill.

Decentralised power generation means less reliance on the national grid. Therefore biogas CHP is a highly reliable and sustainable energy solution.

Evo Energy Technologies Set To Launch Biogas CHP at All-Energy Australia in October

Image Source

Evo Energy Technologies partnered with the German company 2G this year to bring world-class biogas cogeneration to Australia for the first time.

Biogas CHP is available from EvoET in fully customisable configurations between 50kWe to 3,000 kWe, with larger sizes available on request.

In the post-carbon repeal environment, the clean energy industry urgently needs innovative projects to be established.

Evo Energy Technologies are one of the innovators and change-makers appearing at All-Energy Australia 2014.

They will showcase their cogeneration technology to agribusinesses, waste and food treatment clients. Along with their other core energy reclaim solutions.

Their goal as exhibitors is provide reliable, long-term power generation solutions that are low emission, commercially viable and environmentally sound. A triple win.

Evo Energy Technologies look forward to forging beneficial partnerships at All-Energy Australia 2014 that will allow consumers and businesses greater control over how they source their electricity.

Come and visit EvoET at the All-Energy Australia conference in Melbourne on the 15th-16th of October 2014, Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre.